Faux Enamel Rose Charm


Sometimes you can take a simple object, and with a little craftiness, give it some real flair. This metal pendant was fine, but with a couple supplies I already had in my crafting stash, I made it look very upscale – and you can make a faux enamel rose charm as well with these simple […]

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Circle and Sparkle Earrings

finished earrings

Have you ever found an item at the craft store and bought it just to challenge yourself? That’s how I ended up with the circles in these circle and sparkle earrings. They were in the clearance section, and I just knew I could turn them into something fun to wear (and to make)! They’re simple […]

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Stamped Blinged Charm

finished stamped and bligned necklace charm

I love metal stamping, and adding a little extra flair to my metal-stamped items. Since we’re halfway through the year, I thought I’d keep my momentum going my making this stamped blinged charm with my word of the year stamped right on it.   You’ll need: Impress Art Heart Pendant Jewelry Glue & cotton swabs […]

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Yarn Dyed Bracelet

finished bracelet

Last fall I had the chance to dye yarn with Tulip’s Yarn dying kits. I don’t knit or crochet, but I love to use yarn in projects, so I made this fun yarn dyed bracelet. You don’t need any fancy yarn skills to whip one up! Also, you don’t have to use yarn you’ve dyed […]

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20 Minute Tulle Skirt

finished tulle skirt

A tulle skirt is a fun way to add flair to any outfit – no matter your age! You can whip up a tulle skirt in just 20 minutes! Wear your tulle to a race, a party, or just around the house if you’re feeling a little funky!   You’ll need: 2-3 yards of Tulle […]

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Faux Enamel State Necklace

finished home state necklace

When I need crafty inspiration, I head to the craft store, and walk down the aisles. Even the aisles that aren’t “my” aisles. Yes, we all have certain rows that we naturally gravitate to, but when my crafty mojo needs to be shaken up, I travel the road not taken. Or aisle. Which is how […]

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DIY Photo Book

finished photo book

Looking for something simple to give as a Father’s Day gift? This simple DIY photo book is easy to make, quick to put together, and he’ll be sure to love it. In fact, you’ll want to make several – Grandpa will want one too, but so will Mom, Grandma, and the rest of the family! […]

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Custom “Checkers” for Father’s Day

finished custom chekerboard

Playing games is a fun pastime for most families, including ours. Our kids love to try to beat us at different board games – and often do! For Father’s day, I thought it would be fun to make a game using photos of the kids as the pieces. You could absolutely use your favorite existing […]

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Tickets to Life Father’s Day Gift Idea

finished tickets to life shadowbox

Do you have a dad with a sentimental side, but who doesn’t keep every scrap of paper? This “Tickets to Life” shadowbox is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea! You can customize these tickets to look like movie tickets or concert tickets, but with details from major family milestones – dad’s wedding, the birth of […]

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Simple DIY Baseball Stand

finished baseball on simple DIY baseball stand

Looking for an easy way to display a special baseball? Maybe it is a ball the whole Little League team signed at the end of the season. Maybe it is your first home run. It doesn’t have to be special to anyone but you to deserve a place of honor. We decided to make a […]

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