Ocean Inspired Simple DIY Bracelet

Finished Ocean Inspired Simple DIY Bracelet

Sometimes, when I’m wandering the aisles of the craft store for inspiration, I find the perfect simple project. To me, the perfect simple project is one that doesn’t look simple, but absolutely is. Thanks to finding the perfect supplies, this Ocean Inspired Simple DIY bracelet is super easy to make, you can create your own […]

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Simple Skull Earrings

finished earring

I love making simple Earrings for the seasons, and it doesn’t get much easier than these simple skull earrings! You only need a few supplies and a pair of round-nosed pliers to have the perfect skull earrings to wear this Halloween! To make these Simple Skull Earrings, you’ll need: Skull Beads Black Seed Beads Head […]

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Roller Coaster Birthday Invitations

finished roller coaster card

This year we celebrated my oldest’s birthday at the Boardwalk. It was so much fun, eating hot dogs and cake under the roller coaster… and these were the invitations I made to invite his friends to join us – Roller Coaster Birthday Invitations! This post contains affiliate links which help support this site at no […]

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DIY Planner Stickers – Draw then Cut

Create your own planner stickers by having your Cricut draw them!

Planners are incredibly functional – keeping dates and appointments all straight – but they can also be pretty! These DIY Planner Stickers are actually drawn – by the Cricut Machine. Your Cricut will draw the stickers, then cut them out, making a perfect sheet of fun and colorful stickers to keep you organized. This post […]

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Poka Dot Frame

finished poka dot frame - a fun way to celebrate special occasions

Looking for a fun way to display photos? This DIY Poka Dot Frame is so bright and colorful, and is a great way to celebrate special moments. You can keep one fun photo in the frame year-round, or change out the picture to celebrate birthdays, successes, and other special occasions. To make your own Poka […]

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Count Sign – “Days Since…”

finished sign

My brother called me needing a Count Sign. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to call this a countdown sign, or a count up sign. Maybe a “days since” sign. He wanted it for work, to indicate the number of days since he’d had an altercation with a different department. Apparently, this other department is […]

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Rya Tie Hoop Art

finished Rya Tie Hoop art - easy to make, such a fun decor piece!

Knitting and Crochet are not skills I have mastered. But I still love playing with yarn. Which makes this project perfect! Plaid sent me their new Rya Tie kit to play with, so I made a simple wall hanging, in a hoop! This Rya Tie Hoop Art is easy to make, even for those of […]

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Custom Princess Tee

Custom Princess Shirt

Have a little princess in your life? Make her this DIY Custom Princess Tee! Making this shirt is a super simple craft project that you can make in less than 30 minutes! To make your Custom Princess Tee, you’ll need: Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt Cricut Machine Iron and Ironing Board Cricut Princess Shirt File […]

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DIY Color Necklace

finished color necklace

This unique piece of jewelry is as fun to wear as it is to make! Using the used Dye sheets from a Canon Selphy Printer, you can create this DIY color necklace that looks amazing in sunlight! You get to recycle the ink sheets from your printer, and create this unique jewelry! Such a simple […]

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DIY Hairy Spider

make a creepy hairy spider

Big Hairy Spiders are a fun Halloween decoration to make, and a super simple one! You can whip up this Hairy Spider in under 15 minutes! Make your own DIY Hairy Spider using just a few supplies to make your Halloween Decor extra creepy! I found these extra large pipe cleaners in the kid craft […]

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