Craft Lightning Craft Camp – Day 1 Roundup


Yay! Another week of Craft Lightning! This week we’re sharing camp crafts – crafts inspired by camp, crafts you might make at camp, or crafts you could make at home for your own “summer camp” experience! There is still plenty of summer left… these ideas are sure to help you through those last few weeks […]

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Easy Faux Hair Wrap

tie bead in place

I went to camp most summers as a child. Some years I went as a camper, riding horses and doing crafts, and some years I went as staff. I enjoyed my weeks in the mountains, under the trees, getting to create craft projects and hang out with other campers. I have lots of awesome memories […]

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Dusty Flashlight Craft

Printable Dusty Flashlight cover

Dusty’s latest movie comes out in theaters today – Planes: Fire and Rescue. I had the chance to see it earlier this week with my son, and we LOVED it! Disney really does a great job of creating movies that the entire family can enjoy. There were jokes geared towards my 5-year-old son (like the […]

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Mini Food Flags

decorative flags on donuts

All week I’ve been sharing crafts and printables that are part of my Donut Party. While I made these cute food picks with my Donut Party in mind, they’re also great for lunchboxes and other (non-doughnut) parties! The different labels I’ve been using this week came from our awesome Crafty Hangouts Sponsor,  Online Labels.  The […]

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Simple Donut Gift Bag

Simple Donut Gift Bag with iron on donut

I’ve been sharing Donut Party Printables all week long. I started with my Donut Party Centerpiece, then Donut Party Invitations, and yesterday my Donut Party Favor Bags. Today I’m sharing this Simple Donut Gift Bag. They are super simple to make, and only require a little bit of sewing. These can be used to give […]

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Simple Donut Party Favor Bags

Donut Party Goodie Bags

All week long, I’m sharing fun Donut Party projects, like today’s simple Donut Party Favor Bags. These go along with the Donut Party Invitations I shared yesterday, and the Donut Party Centerpiece I shared on Monday. These projects were inspired by Online Labels, who are sponsoring the party crafts we’re sharing all this week and […]

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Donut Party Invitation and Sign

Donut party invitations

This week I’m sharing lots and lots of fun Donut Party Printables! I whipped up about 200 mini doughnuts – Chocolate Doughnuts, Vanilla Chocolate Chip Doughnuts, and Banana Spice Doughnuts, and paired with these fun printables, I had a fast and fun party whipped up in the time it took to bake and frost! You […]

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Mason Jar Donut Party Centerpiece

donut bouquet

Angie and I love video crafting, and we love it when awesome sponsors join us on our Crafty Hangouts! This week (and next!) have been sponsored by Online Labels. And I got so excited by the products sent to me by Online Labels that I created a whole week of Donut Party Printables! Yup – […]

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Dutch Wooden Shoe made from Paper

finished paper wooden shoe

When I told my mom that I was making Dutch-themed crafts for a crafting series, she told me about this paper wooden shoe she made in preschool when she was young. I loved it! I never had the chance to make these as a child, growing up mostly in the US, but I can see […]

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Embroidered Tulip Shirt

embroidered tulip on a shirt

I love stitching. I don’t share a lot of stitching projects on this site because many take more than 30 minutes to complete. But this tulip project wanted to be stitched, not painted – and it only took about 30 minutes to stitch up! The tulip is strongly linked to The Netherlands. The Dutch have […]

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