Glitter Dew Kissed Grass

gllitter dew grass

This post contains affiliate links. Need some fun and sparkly vase filler? Looking for a fun way to add some sparkle to your decor? This glitter grass looks like it was dew-kissed with perfect little drops of sparkly dew! Simple to make, let me show you how it is done! You need: Beads in a […]

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Large Sequin Flowers

large sequin flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Earlier today I showed you my Sequin Baby’s Breath, which is one of my favorite components of my Crafty Flower Bouquet. Now I’m sharing with you some large sequin flowers. Seriously, these are super simple to make. Super simple. And so fun and colorful! And whimsical. Total whimsey. Want to […]

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Sequin Baby’s Breath

sequin baby's breath

This post contains affiliate links. I am so super excited to share this sequin baby’s breath with you! Such a great way to add a little sparkle to any bouquet! You can add some DIY baby’s breath to silk flowers, fresh flowers, or to a craft flower bouquet like I did! They would be great […]

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Sculpey Clay Flower

flower out of sculpey clay

This post contains affiliate links. I am not a clay expert. It is a medium I’d like to play with more to get better at it. There are lots of people who make amazing clay creations, and while I don’t know if I’ll ever be fantastic at it, I do love playing with it, and […]

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Rit Dyed Floral Stems

RIT Dye wooden flowers

This post contains affiliate links. I love playing with dye – it is a fun way to add some color to just about anything. Dying wood is lots of fun, and super simple to do! I made these dyed floral stems using Rit dye. When I dyed the wooden hearts for these floral stems, I […]

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Phoomph Flower with Tassel

phoomph tassel flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Do you ever think up a project, and then make the project, and the finished piece is even better than what you had in your head? That’s exactly what happened with this Phoomph Flower. I am so, over-the-moon thrilled with how this flower came out! If you’ve never used Phoomph […]

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Mod Podge Flower

Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes Flower

This post contains affiliate links.   You really can make crafty flowers out of anything! I created over a dozen flowers using craft supplies, and this Mod Podge flower was one of my most surprising results. I really love how it turned out! I used Podgeable papers to make my Mod Podge Flower, but you […]

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Pom Pom Flower

simple pom pom flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Pom pom flowers are super simple to make. Just yarn and your floral wire stem, and you have a fun and fluffy flower! Depending on the color you use, you could say that you made a pom pom Dandelion (out of white yarn), or a pom pom mum. I used […]

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Paper Poppy

finished paper poppy

This post includes affiliate links. In the past, I used to make a lot of cards. I don’t make them as much anymore, but card making supplies can be used to make other things – like these fun paper poppies! These paper poppies are made using die-cut shapes that are very simply put together. You […]

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Sparkle Flowers

sparkle flower with glitter center

This post contains affiliate links. When I found these Darice Sequin Sheets, I was SO EXCITED! An entire sheet of shimmery sparkle that I can cut whatever shape I like? That I can emboss? WOOT! So, I whipped up these sparkle flowers (with sparkle leaves, of course). I love how my sparkle flowers catch the […]

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