Faux Pearl Necklace

finished faux pearl necklace

Love the pearl necklace look, but not the pearl necklace price? This faux pearl necklace is as chic as it is affordable… and easy to make! With only a few supplies, in 15 minutes you’ll make a necklace you’ll love wearing, or that you can give as a gift! Supplies: Faux Pearl Beads 1/2″ Ribbon […]

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Lego Stud Earrings

finished lego stud earrings

If you love Legos, you’ll LOVE these simple stud earrings made using this iconic toy! They’re simple to make, take only a few minutes, and you can whip them up in all your favorite colors! This post contains affiliate links that help support this site at no cost to you. You’ll need: Stud Earring Blanks […]

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DIY Paper Clock with Free Silhouette Cut File

finished paper clock

This paper clock takes only minutes to make – it is an easy-to-make tool to help children learn how to tell time – and it costs just a few pennies to make! Take an evening to make clocks for an entire class of students, or make several clocks to teach children how to identify bathtime […]

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Bunny Necklace

finished bunny necklace

Laser-cut wooden cut-outs of all kinds can be found at crafts stores, and make great (and simple) necklaces! Find out how this laser-cut wooden bunny becomes a necklace in only a few steps! You’ll need: Wooden Bunny (or other laser-cut design) Chalk Paint Wax for chalk paint Paint Brush Soft Cloth Jump ring Necklace, chain, […]

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Paper Basket

fill your mini egg basket

This sweet little paper basket is perfect as a party favor. You can write names on them and use them as placecards. They’re great to bring to school for school parties… there are so many uses for these easy to make and inexpensive paper baskets! You’ll need: Paper Hot Glue Silhouette Basket Cut File Something […]

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Bunny Hair Clip

draw on details

These bunny hair clips are a great kid craft – fun for keeping kids busy while on spring break, or on the weekends. They can make lots and lots to share with friends. These can also be used as decorations on gifts! You’ll need: Hair clip Wooden pieces (from craft supply store) Hot Glue White […]

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Chocolate Carrots Card

finished chocolate carrot card

Looking for a fun way to show someone you love them this Easter? Chocolate is always a great option! You’ll need: Lindt Chocolate Carrots Scissors Tape Love you Bunches Carrot Printable Print out your printable, and cut out the pieces. Fold in half, gently, without creasing. Cut a slit about 1.5″ up from the bottom […]

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Rose Necklace

rose neclace supplies

Sometimes, wandering through the bead aisle at your local craft store, you’ll find the best inspiration. If you’re not sure what to make with those beads, you can use just about any combination of beads to make a necklace similar to this rose necklace. It doesn’t take long, and is sure to be a conversation […]

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Bunny Straw

finished bunny straw

Looking for a simple way to add some Easter flair to Easter Dinner? Maybe you’re in charge of the Easter Snack at Preschool and haven’t thought past carrot sticks? These simple Bunny straws are easy to make, and are sure to be a crowd pleaser! You’ll need: Straws White Paper Silhouette Machine Bunny Straw Silhouette […]

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Having Eyes in the Back of Your Head

A constant theme for moms everywhere is trying to get things done. The dishes, laundry, and household cleaning never end. Then there are kids to feed, bedtime routines to administer, and somewhere between it all, we want to find time for ourselves. It never fails… the moment we sit down to do something, our kids […]

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