Disney’s Frozen – Olaf in a Snow Storm Bottle

Disney's Frozen Olav in a snow storm bottle

Last week, we got to go see Disney’s new princess movie, Frozen. Taking my 5-year-old son and husband to a princess movie might sound crazy, but Disney does a really good job of making their movies fun for the whole family – including husbands and sons.

We had a great time at Frozen. It was a fun movie with an entertaining story line and some very lively characters. I could tell from the previews that L’s favorite character was going to be Olaf. Olaf is a snowman that falls apart several times in the movie (each time L giggled as Olaf fell apart and needed to be put back together). I decided to make a modified snow globe with Olaf bits inside – you can shake it up and watch Olaf’s pieces swirl around in the glittery storm.

Olav in a bottle suppliesTo make your own Olaf in a Snow Storm Bottle, you need:
Plastic bottle
3 white body pom poms
2 white foot pom poms
3 small black “coal” pom poms
2 googly eyes
plastic carrot
glitter glue
brown pipe cleaner
strong glue
blue paint (optional)

Drink your smoothie and wash out the bottle.

smoothie bottle

Trim the pipe cleaner, and bend into two arms.

olav arms from pipe cleaners

Put all the Olaf body pieces into the jar. Fill 2/3 with water.

pour in water

Add about a tablespoon of the blue glitter, and a tablespoon of the silver glitter glue.

pour in glue

Fill the rest of the way with water. Put the lid on, and shake up. Check to make sure that the glitter/water ratio is good (too much glitter and you won’t be able to see Olaf’s parts). Once it is perfect, glue the lid on. I chose to paint the lid, but that’s optional.

Olav pieces in the bottle

Have fun shaking up Olaf!

Olav pieces in a bottle

The googly eyes float in the  bottle, which I think is super fun, since the other parts all sink.

Olav from Disney's Frozen is in the bottle

The kids will get a kick out of spinning Olaf’s pieces.

Watch Olav float in the snow storm

Whether you have boys, girls, or no kids at all, Disney’s Frozen is a fun movie to see. More than a traditional good/evil story, it has the fun and wit we’ve all come to expect from Disney.

shaking up Disney Frozen Olav in a bottle


  1. I was really excited when I found this craft idea for my daughters Frozen themed birthday party. The night before I decided to make an example so the kids could see how cool this craft was; however, I was not thrilled! The ending project looks NOTHING like this picture! Super disappointed!

  2. We made these for a Frozen themed party at my sons’ preschool. They came out great! No problems at all!

  3. I tried doing these too and the glitter glue made the water all murky! Is there a special kind of glitter glue that you used that stays clear in the water?

    • Carolina says

      I didn’t use any special kind of glitter glue – honestly, I used the absolute cheapest stuff I found at WalMart. Months later, the boys still play with the bottle, and the water isn’t murky at all.
      I also used water directly from the tap – but bottled water might not be a bad idea?

      • Hmm… Can you tell me what the label says? I want to try to find the same stuff because the stuff I got at Michael’s doesn’t work 🙂

    • Jeanette says

      we use a similar process to make calming jars/bottles with the kids. the key to keeping the water from turning cloudy is to use hot tap water (not scalding hot) and shake the clear glitter glue well while it’s still warm/hot.

  4. Does it have to be glitter glue? Why does that work better than plain glitter? (Just curious :0)

    • Carolina says

      I think that the gel in the glue thickens the water so that the glitter doesn’t fall quite so fast… but you could try it either way!

  5. Great craft! Except you spelled his name wrong. It’s Olaf.

  6. What size bottle did you use?

    • Carolina says

      The bottle I used was 450ml (15.2 fl oz). Any water-bottle sized bottle with smooth sides would work great, though.

  7. I think I wanna try to actually glue olaf all together & let him dry before I put him it….I know kinda different, but worth a try~

  8. Just for those who had cloudy problems. I tried both glitter glue from Michaels and glitter paint from Michaels and the glue was the winner. We have a well amd I used the tap water. Hope this helps:)

  9. Robin Shemwell says

    My daughter fell in LOVE with this idea. (and of course her party is in two days ;D )

    I just tried a few test bottles. Both hot/cold tap water turned out SUPER murky. But DISTILLED WATER (room temp from the jug) worked perfectly! Just looked and all the glue/glitter settled and the water is crystal clear!! Gonna stock up on a few jugs for assembly at the party.

    Thanks for the super cute idea!

    • Robin Shemwell says

      I also just used whatever random glitter glue I happened to have lying around, no difference except one brand clumped and resisted “melting”.

    • Robin Shemwell says

      (sorry for multiple nestings)

      I tried a couple scraps of felt in case I’m not able to find plastic carrots and they swirled nicely and eventually settled. As a backup I’m going to cut lil orange carrot shapes.

      • What a great solution! You might be able to use those sheets of orange craft foam – I’m guessing those would float… but so do the googly eyes, so that might be fun!

    • I’m guessing that some of that may depend on where you live, if you have hard water, or use a water softener… I’m glad you were able to find a solution that works for you!

  10. I double checked and the name of this snowman is Olaf spelled with an ‘a’ ‘f’

  11. I tried using bottle water, tap water and boil water..but it comes out all cloudy…I live in CA, does that matter? Why does other snow globe seems so clear? Any suggestions?

    • I have no idea what would make yours cloudy! Are you using gel glitter glue? It might be the glitter glue you are using… maybe try omitting the glue, and just use glitter and water. The glitter will float down a little faster, but at least you won’t have a problem with it being cloudy!

  12. What a fantastic idea, love it! My Niece loves frozen so will make one of these with her next time she spends the afternoon with me. 🙂

  13. Can I use water bottles instead of what’s in the picture?

    • I wanted a bottle with smooth sides. A traditional water bottle has sides with ridges, making it harder to see what is inside… but of course you can use whatever you like! 😀

  14. Marcy Shephard says

    My pom pom’s are floating, but I see I forgot the strong glue so will this help with that?

    • It might be what your pom poms are made of… different brands are probably made from different fibers. But I don’t think it matters if they float or sink… the fun is shaking it up! 🙂

  15. I heard glycerin helps to keep the glitter afloat, but that is just using glitter. Would you recommend using glycerin with the glitter glue?

    • Carolina says

      I’ve never used glycerin, but if you’ve heard it works and have some handy – why not give it a shot? … probably with plain glitter and water, not the glitter glue. If you do try it, let me know if it works for you!


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