Beer Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Will you Beer my Valentine

Want to tell your sweetie how much they are loved, but don’t want to go with traditional flowers? Go with nontraditional flowers! These beer flowers are super easy to make, and don’t take much time at all. You could turn a 6-pack into a romantic offering in less than 30 minutes!

Supplies for Beer Bottle Flowers To make your own beer flowers you need:
Bottles of your sweetie’s favorite beer (if you’re underage – go for bottles of soda. I’m a fan of cream sodas, myself)
Fake daisies (I bought mine at Michael’s)



Pull your fake daisies apart, Mine had two layers on each flower, so I only needed 3 flowers for my 6-pack.

Take apart daisy

Cut slits into the center of each daisy. Careful not to cut all the way through. The goal is to cut the center so that it is slightly bigger than the neck of the bottle.

Cut slits in daisy

Pull the daisy over the top of the beer.

Pull Daisy over top of bottle

Tug on the petals to adjust them, so that they face up instead of down. It is that easy!

Valentines Six Pack

These will be the prettiest beers you’ve ever put in the fridge!


  1. How long ago did you get those flowers from Michaels? I am having a hard time finding something similar.

    These are so cute and such a great, not girly, gift for your guy!! 🙂


    • I bought these in 2014, in the Valentine’s section. Any solid color would probably work – for Valentine’s red or white would be fun.

    • I’m thinking you could use cupcake papers with hearts on and just cut the daisy petals from that.

  2. Julie, I thought they were cupcake liners! couldn’t you draw hearts with a sharpie on the fake flowers, too? this is a really cute idea.

  3. I like this phrase. So cute.


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