Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

Are you nuts about Harry Potter? I’ve read the books twice (working on a third time – this time to my son), and love to watch the movies late at night, especially while doing some late night crafting. I love all of the wonderful wizarding world happenings in the movies – traveling by flu powder, a magical hat that knows where you’ll be successful, and books that are also monsters. When I was asked to take part in Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings’ Harry Potter series, I wasn’t sure what kind of project to come up with! So many different possibilities… but in the end I decided to make a Time Turner Inspired Necklace.

Harry Potter Time Turner Inspired Necklace

Hermione reminds me so much of myself as a kid – kind of awkward, messy hair, and bossy. But with an awesome gang of friends. She also takes on a lot – including a double course load… assisted with the help of her time turner necklace. There are lots of times when I could use one of those! So, although this one doesn’t have any magical time-altering powers, I still love it. If you want to make your own time-turner necklace, here is how you do it…

Start with these supplies:
Crystal beads to make the hourglass
Hoops in 3 sizes for the body of the necklace
Jump Rings
Jewelry Wire (this is 28 gauge)
Jewelry pliers

supplies for time turner necklace

Start by adding the wire to one of the smallest hoops.

wrap wire on small ring

Then make the hourglass by adding the beads. Wrap the wire on the opposite side of the hoop to secure.

thread through second bead

Thread the wire back through the bead to the center.

add second bead

Twist the wire together in the center, and wrap around, to complete the hourglass look, wrapping the wire around the center to secure before clipping the wire.

twist wire for hourglass

Now that the hourglass is complete, add another small circle. Carefully open it like a jump ring, and loop it through the center circle, holding the hourglass, then close.

add second small ring

Wire the second hoop in place by cutting a 8″ length of wire for each side, and secure the spot where the small hoops meet on each side, leaving the wire tails in place. Use these wire tails to add a larger hoop. Then open up another hoop, and add it to the time turner.

add middle hoops

Secure this hoop in place using the same wire tails, then clip the extra wire.

twist wire on middle hoops

Use a jump ring to add the final, largest hoop. You can use a jump ring to secure the last layer of rings as well, if needed.

add outer hoop

Add a jump ring to the top, and string on a necklace. Your time-turner is complete! Though you can’t go back to this morning to get twice as much out of your day, this craft didn’t take that long, so you still have plenty of time to create lots more today!

time turner inspired necklace

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  1. I love this SO much. I can’t wait to make my own. Thanks so much for being a part of the Potter series!

  2. That is very creative. I loved the Harry Potter books and it makes me happy to see how many people take creative inspiration from them.

  3. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Amazing!

  5. cool

  6. I’m having trouble finding metal hoops for this necklace. I went to Michael’s but they did not have any. Searching on Amazon isn’t yielding good results either. Any idea what specifically I should search for or where to buy these? Thanks!

    • You can look for different sized jump rings, or you can look for necklace chain with different sized chain links. I find chains like this hanging in the strung bead section at the craft store.. but the selection at the store can vary from store to store as well as seasonally. Alternately, I searched “Large jump rings” on Amazon and found some 25mm jump rings (about 1″).


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