Make your own Angry Birds Hatchlings

We got a chance to see the new Angry Birds 2 movie, and my kids absolutely loved it! Their favorite part of the movie was the adorable little "hatchlings," so I thought I'd make a set of hatchlings, and show you how to make your own! As a mom, I really enjoyed the messages within the movie. Working together. First impressions aren't everything. And finding creative uses for things (you'll understand that one after watching the movie!). My kids thought it was a funny story that kept them … [Continue reading...]

Mandala Dot Rocks

If you've been wanting to get into rock painting, but don't have any painting or drawing skills, then this is the perfect technique for you! These Mandala Dot Rocks are super simple to make - you don't even need a paint brush! This craft is part of Craft Lighting Week. All week long, along with my friends Angie and Carissa, I'll be sharing a fast and fun 15 minute craft that involves painting rocks! And we've invited some of our crafty friends to join in! Be sure to scroll down to check out … [Continue reading...]

Star and Sparkle Earrings

I love jewelry that does double-duty. These Star and Sparkle earrings are perfect for a patriotic party, like the 4th of July. But they’re also great for everyday wear! These earrings are festive and stylish! These star and sparkle earrings are today’s Craft Lighting Patriotic craft. All week long, my friends Angie from The Country […]

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No-Flame Sparkler

When I think of Patriotic holidays, the 4th of July always comes to mind. And with it – sparklers! Kids naturally love things that sparkle, and as a mom I naturally worry about safety! That’s where these no-flame sparkers come in! Thes no-flame sparklers are part of a week-long series I’m co-hosting with my friends […]

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Patriotic Beaded Bracelet

Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, this Patriotic Beaded Bracelet is super simple to make. You just need a few basic supplies, and this bracelet practically makes itself! This beaded bracelet is part of Craft Lightning – Patriotic. All week long, my friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and Beth from Kingston Crafts […]

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Glitter Distressed Wooden Sign

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of glitter. But every now and then I get a crazy idea to start playing with some. I thought making this glitter sign would be a fun way to add a little sparkle. And, it uses stencils! This project is part of Craft Lightning Decoupage Week. Angie, Stephanie and […]

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Decoupage Quilt Sign

No need to be an expert quilter to whip up this fun and fast decoupage quilt sign! In fact, there isn’t a stitch in sight (or any fabric)! Using paper, paint, and a wooden sign, you can decoupage yourself a fun quilt sign to hang in your home! This quilt sign is part of Craft […]

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Earring Box

Earlier this week, I showed you how to make some rolled paper earrings. And if you’re not a fan of those particular earrings, there are plenty of earring tutorials on this site. And this earring box is a great way to gift them! This project is part of Cricut Mother’s Day week. My friends and […]

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Mom Binder

My youngest was just 4 years old when I went to a school board meeting to advocate on his behalf. It was terrifying and exactly what I had been training for all at the same time. And within 24 hours of speaking into that microphone for my 3 minute allotment, they had started implementing the […]

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Rolled Paper Earrings

Moms love handmade gifts. From clay pinch-pots to hand print paintings to necklaces made out of pasta. We love it when our kids create with us in mind. And while I’ll proudly wear a pasta necklace, it is nice when my child’s creation looks a little more posh than preschool. Which is why these rolled […]

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