Washcloth Hand Puppet

15 Minute Washcloth Hand Puppet

Make washing up more fun with this washcloth hand puppet! You can whip one up in under 15 minutes, and then customize it yourself, or let your kids dress up their own washcloth puppet!

I made this project as part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I have been sharing craft tutorials that take 15 minutes or less. If you missed any of the fun, go back and check out day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4. Tonight I’ll be back with a wrap-up from our blogging friends who created their own quick crafts as part of Craft Lightning week, so be sure to come back!

washcloths for puppets

To make your washcloth hand puppet you need:
Simple washcloth puppet template (fill out the form below to download)
2 washcloths (if you have 3 washcloths, you can make 2 puppets)
Optional: Fabric paint or other embellishments (I used Tulip paints)

Note: I used 1/4″ seams, but you can use larger seams if you like. If your seams are larger, it will make your finished puppet smaller. This puppet fits a woman or child’s hand – for large hands, adjust the templates so that they are wider.

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Start by printing and cutting out the template. It is just two pieces. You need to cut two of the large piece and one oval for each puppet.

cut washcloth

Place the oval on top of one of the large pieces, matching the curves. Pin around the top half of the curve.

pin oval to layer

Fold the oval up so that it is folded in half. Place the second large piece on top, then pin the top layer of the oval to the top large piece.

pin together second layer

Take the puppet to your sewing machine, and stitch along each curve individually.

stitch around curve

Then fold the puppet so that the edges of the long pieces line up, and stitch along each long side.

stitch down the side

Turn the puppet right side out, and you have a puppet ready to embellish!

washcloth hand puppet stitched up

Blue puffy paint from Tulip works great for adding eyes. If you have black paint, you can also add eyelashes.

paint on eyes

Without waiting for the blue to dry, I carefully opened up the puppet, and added a red tongue with red puffy paint.

paint in tongue

Once the paint has dried, you’re ready to start splishing and splashing in the tub!

washcloth hand puppet in just 15 minutes

Come back tonight for more fun 15bminute Craft Lightning projects!


  1. Super cute! I am sure your boys loved them and I am positive my kids will them as well!

  2. Wanted to let you know that this tutorial was featured on the At Play Blog today.



  3. I just made a puppet and they are adorable. My Grandson will love it

  4. Oh my goodness this is cute!


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