Pokemon Go Craft: Pokeball Tin

finished pokemon go tin

My kids love to play Pokemon Go, and I love that it gets us all out of the house and doing something together (see a whole list of reasons I love Pokemon Go Here). But, sometimes, I just want to stay in. Doing a Pokemon Go craft with the kids lets me avoid the heat on the crazy-hot days, and still gives in to their love of all things Pokemon! This Pokeball Tin is easy to make with the kids - and they'll love playing with it afterwards! They can draw pictures of their favorite Pokemon to "catch" … [Continue reading...]

DIY Bandana: Scout Craft

finished DIY Bandanas

It doesn't matter if you're a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Cub Scout, a bandana is an essential tool in scouting. It is super versatile - a bandana can keep your hair out of your face, serve as a temporary sling, be used to tie things together, be dipped in water to help you cool off, put on the ground for a clean place to sit (or on a table for a clean place to put your plate)... there are so many ways a bandana can come in handy, it is nice to have more than one! Which makes making your own … [Continue reading...]

Flag Retirement Record

put into tin

Many in the US fly the flag of our country with pride daily. Over time, the flag can get worn, torn, or soiled beyond repair. At that time it is appropriate to retire the flag, which is usually done in a special ceremony where it is burned with the respect befitting this symbol. Some scouts […]

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Knot Tying Practice Sticks

finished knot tying practice

One of the coolest skills I learned while in Girl Scouts was lashing. With some sticks and rope, I can lash together just about anything! And that all stems from the ability to tie basic knots. Knot tying is an essential skill that most kids learn in scouts. These Knot tying practice sticks are great […]

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Painting with Scouts

mix paints

Getting to do craft projects was one of my favorite part of Girl Scouts when I was younger. With less and less art being taught in our schools, arts and craft projects in scouts today is an opportunity to expose young minds to so many creative concepts they might not otherwise learn – like how […]

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Mini Scouting First Aid Kit

put in supplies

When I was a Girl Scout, we made mini first aid kits in film containers. With digital photography taking over, film containers are hard to come by, but mini mint tins make for perfect mini first aid kits that you can slip in a backpack, or even your pocket! This Scout Craft is part of […]

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Dream Jar: The BFG Craft

finished dream jar

The BFG comes out in theaters this weekend. I had a chance to catch a pre-screening earlier this week, and can’t wait to see it again! I took my 7-year-old. I’m a Roald Dahl fan, and while I’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and others… including plenty of his […]

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DIY Stained Clipboard

finished clipboard

Summer car trips with kids are a lot easier now than they were when I was a kid. In part because cars are equipped with better air conditioning. But mostly because all of the technology and devices that they can use on the trip! As long as you bring charging cords and headphones, you’re set […]

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Hank the Octopus: Finding Dory Craft

Hank the Octopus from finding Dory

If you’ve seen the new Finding Dory movie that came out this weekend, then you know how good Hank the Octopus is at hiding. Part of that is because he can change colors, which this Hank won’t be able to do… but this Hank is small enough to hide in the most obscure places in […]

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Finding Dory Search Jar: Finding Dory Craft

finished finding dory search jar

I got the chance to see Disney-Pixar’s new Finding Dory movie that came out this weekend. As a fan of Finding Nemo, I loved seeing another ocean movie, and seeing all my old favorite characters – as well as some new ones! I enjoyed the movie, and know my kiddos will too. So, I thought […]

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