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Are you planning a boy baby shower? It can be hard to come up with boy baby shower games that are fun but not too “cute.” And if you’re hosting a co-ed baby shower, or a shower for a mom-to-be that doesn’t usually like baby games you’re probably looking for games that everyone will enjoy.

These quick and easy games are perfect for an upcoming boy baby shower! Here are three quick and easy boy baby shower games for you to print out. All the work has been done for you – just print these out, cut them in half, and you’re ready to go.

These printable baby shower games are also great if you’re flying in for a baby shower or co-hosting a shower long-distance. You can prepare these games ahead of time to pack in your suitcase or put them in an envelope an mail them to the shower. If you’re hosting a virtual baby shower, you can put each of these games in an envelope labeled “game 1”, “game 2” and “game 3” and mail them to the shower guests. They can open each envelope at the start of the game – a simple way to play a game together without huge postage costs. Having easy virtual baby shower games is so handy!

All the games are PDF files – none are personalized in any way, so you can just print and go! You can print them on colored paper to make them more festive. Print each on a different color to make it easy to switch between games. Each sheet has 2 copies per page, saving on paper. Just cut down the middle.

Tips for Printable Baby Shower Games

If your shower is being hosted in a living room with sofas rather than a restaurant with tables, make sure to have clipboards or hard-back books that guests can use as a hard writing surface.

Make sure to have lots of pens or pencils available – not everyone keeps a pen in their purse. For fun, you can make the pens festive by gluing a pom-pom, small rubber ducky, or other item that fits your shower theme onto the end of the pen.

Printable games are great for showers at restaurants where you may not have a lot of room to move around, or for a shower at someone’s home if you’re unsure of the layout. They are also great if you have a big age range in the attendees, because printable games tend to level the playing field – regardless of age or physical ability, printable games are accessible to everyone. And having accessible baby shower games means that everyone can have a good time.

Once you have your baby shower games printed, you just need prizes! These can be super simple – candles and candy make great (and easy) prizes. You can pick candy in colors that match the baby shower, and pack the candy in favor boxes from the wedding section of the craft store to make it look upscale. Scented soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and picture frames also make great (and inexpensive) baby shower prizes and can be purchased at outlet stores.

List of Printable Boy Baby Shower Games

Boy, oh boy! – come up with as many words as you can that use the word “boy.”

How Handsome! – Does mama-to-be want the baby to have her eyes, or daddy’s? Guess which family tree she favors!

Finish the Nursery Rhyme – A baby shower classic… how well do you know your Mother Goose?

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I sent a shower package with these games, a welcome baby pennant wreath, and of course my baby shower gift! I’d made some 30 minute baby bibs out of some of my favorite boy fabrics!

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