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If you’re ready for a winter of staying in and being cozy, then I’ve got the perfect Cozy SVG file for you! Because when it gets cold, all I want is to snuggle up with my books, blankets, and warm drinks. You can add this free Cozy SVG file to a blanket, but it would also be perfect on a sweater or a mug!

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And if you’d like more free cozy-themed SVG files, check out the links below:

Let’s Get Cozy
Sweater Weather
But first… hot cocoa!
Let it Snow
Cozy Season
Tis the Season to be Cozy
Warm & Cozy
I Wasn’t Made for Winter
Let’s Snuggle by the Fire
Mitten Weather
Stay Cozy
Winter Snowflake Text
Hot Cocoa Sign
books, blankets, & warm drinks


  1. Jeanie Colwell-Stoner says

    Love these. Thank you so much.

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