Draw then Cut Valentine’s Stickers

finished stickers

The Print-then-cut feature on the Cricut is super awesome, and a great way to get lots of color in a design without having to cut multiple layers. Even easier than print-then-cut is the draw-then-cut option. There are so many different colored Cricut Pens that you can use in the machine, and it is so amazing to watch the machine draw out the design! These Draw then Cut Valentine's Stickers are super simple to make, and you'll find so many uses this Valentine's Day! This project is the final … [Continue reading...]

Sucker Valentines

finished sucker valentines

I'm a sucker for Valentines with Suckers on them! These simple and fun sucker Valentines were made using Jolly Rancher suckers and my Cricut machine. But I've also made these printable sucker valentines and these Valentine Suckers. This project is part of a week of Valentine's Crafts all made using the Cricut machine. My friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions and I are sharing a different Valentine's craft made with the Cricut each day. And we've invited some … [Continue reading...]

Valentine Candle

Valentine's Day Candle

Whether you like the flicker of a burning candle or the look of a decorative candle, we can all agree that a Valentine Candle makes great Valentine’s Day decor. This DIY candle doesn’t use many supplies, and is a great way to add a little color and ambiance to your Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day […]

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Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card

finished locked card

As I was walking through Michael’s Crafts Store, I saw these adorable lock and key brads. I knew they would make the perfect card! I love lock and key symbols for Valentine’s Day, so I looked up Valentine’s Card designs in Cricut Design Space. I simplified and adjusted the “Dear to my Heart” card that […]

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Mini Chocolate Boxes

Finished Mini Chocolate Box

I’m a big fan of Chocolate. Luckily for me, I married into a family that loves chocolate almost as much as I do. My in-laws generously gift us See’s Candies for holidays and special occasions. They know what our favorite chocolates are, and get custom 1-lb boxes made. Did you know that you can customize […]

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Ferdinand the Bull Flower

wrap stem

Love Ferdinand’s sweet nature? Are you as flower-crazy as he is? Make this simple Ferdinand the Bull Flower that you can enjoy year-round! Earlier this week, my family and I were guests at an advance screening of Ferdinand. A sweet story about a bull with a loving nature. He doesn’t want to fight, he wants […]

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Cricut Tool Roll

finished tool roll

If you love your Cricut, chances are you have a growing collection of Cricut tools. From pens to the scoring stylus, and multiple pointed weeding tools, there are lots of fun bonus toys to collect when creating with the Cricut. They each have a special purpose – but you need to know where the tools […]

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Ultimate Llama Holiday

llama cinnamon dough ornament

Have you caught on to the Llama trend? Llamas are very big right now – especially in Holiday decorating! So grab your favorite Llama wool sweater, slip into your Llama-patterned socks, and snuggle under your Llama throw to check out this Ultimate Llama Holiday! I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite crafty friends, and […]

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Felt and Foil Holiday Ornament

Finished Felt and Foil Holiday Ornament

When my friend Albion Gould asked if I wanted to be part of a Cricut Handmade Ornament Exchange, I said ABSOLUTELY! I love creating fun Christmas ornaments, and I LOVE getting fun mail! I designed this simple felt and foil holiday ornament that only uses two different materials to make, but still has plenty of […]

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DIY Wonder Quote Clipboard


Earlier this week, my 9 year old and I went to see a pre-screening of WONDER, which is now out in theaters. WONDER is based on the New York Times best-selling book by the same name. In both the book and the movie, August (Auggie) is a young boy with a severe facial deformities who […]

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