Wine Cork Earrings

Earrings made from wine corks

In case you missed that title - wine cork earrings. That's right. Earrings made out of wine corks. A little embellishment and WHAM - adorable earrings and an excuse to open another bottle of your favorite vintage. Because if there is anything a girl needs, it is more wine... and more earrings. AmIrite? I'll say that the only downside to these adorable wine cork earrings is the need for crochet. So, I now have a reason to learn. More wine, please! Pin these to your "Reasons for Wine" Pinterest … [Continue reading...]

Party in a Jar – Mason Jar Crafting!

birthday party supplies tucked into a mason jar

Thank you to Ball for providing the jars for this series. It is Crafty Hangouts time again! Every month I team up with my other bloggy friends over at Crafty Hangouts to put together a week of crafting videos! This month, all of our crafts are centered around a super-popular craft supply ... Ball Jars! Yup, we're crafting with Mason Jars all week long! In this video, I'm crafting with Angie, who has a great technique for adding color to jars - perfect ambiance when you add a tealight candle! … [Continue reading...]

Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

tissue paper flowers

Last week I did a whole lot of posts about different crafty flowers. Some simple, some more involved. All 30 minute or less crafts. These adorable tissue paper flowers would fit right in with my crafty flower bouquet. Or you could make an entire bouquet of these tissue paper flowers. For yourself. Or for Mother’s […]

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Peeps in a Jar


I like jar crafts. And crafts with humor. And easy, printable crafts. Which makes these cute little peeps in a jar pretty much a trifecta of crafty awesomeness in my book. Which exists. Somewhere. Probably. Go grab the fun peeps printable and learn how to shove peeps in a jar over at the cute peeps […]

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5 Minute Nautical Clutch


I love crafts that can be done in practically no time at all. This 5 minute clutch transformation makes 30 minute crafts seem like “eternity crafts”. Seriously. You could make SIX of these bad boys in 30 minutes. And that is fast. Like, Captain America fast. Go check out how Sew Can Do transformed a […]

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Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial

cut chain for clasp

I was at Michael’s last week and saw these fantastic chalkboard hearts (they had circles, too), with holes drilled on the sides. Perfect to whip into a fast and easy necklace. I was able to whip together this necklace in just 5 minutes with a few basic jewelry supplies! If you want to make one, […]

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Dyed and Waxed Wooden Box

wooden box given character with wax and Rit dye

When I saw this plain wooden box at Target, I fell in love. With its potential. Sure, it is a pretty little box as-is. Nothing fancy. But I knew that with a little bit of color, I could really jazz it up! So I pulled out my crafting supplies, rolled up my sleeves, and added […]

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Paint Chip Flower Art

paint chip art - abstract flower

All of last week, I shared over a dozen different flower tutorials. So, you’d think that I’d be sick of flowers, right? Well, I’m not. And I hope you’re not either… because I want to share this fun paint chip flower art with you today! This paint chip craft uses paint chips that are already […]

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Chalkboard Flower

chalkboard flower

This post contains affiliate links. All week long I’ve been sharing different flowers and leaves made of craft supplies as part of my crafty flower bouquet. This is a flower that didn’t make it into the bouquet. Not because it isn’t fun – there are lots of things I love about this flower – but […]

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Zipper Butterfly

glue up the zipper

This post contains affiliate links. Looking for a fun embellishment? I made this zipper butterfly to add to a floral arrangement, but you can make your own zipper butterfly and use it however you like! I dyed my zipper for some extra color, so you can make yours whatever color you like! Here is what […]

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