Craft Lightning Camp Crafts – Day 4 Roundup


We're nearing the end of Craft Lightning week, and we have some more great camp craft ideas to share with you! Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I put on this week-long Craft Lightning series, and this week the theme is camp crafts!   Laura from Laura Kelly Designs made a quick and fun interactive rainbow tablecloth for the Sock Monkey, tie-dye, rainbow mash-up party she put on.   Kadie from Seven Alive whipped up this fun little nature treasure box - such a great … [Continue reading...]

Pony Bead Bracelet

make a pony bead bracelet

Digging into a bucket of pony beads always reminds me of summer camp. So when we decided to dedicate this Craft Lightning week to Camp Crafts, and create camp-inspired crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less, I knew I would be whipping up a simple pony bead bracelet. This one is easy to make, and includes knot-tying, which is another camp staple! To make this bracelet, you only need 2 supplies: cord and pony beads. Start by cutting about a yard of cord, folding it in half, … [Continue reading...]

Craft Lightning Camp Crafts – Day 3 Roundup

campfire wishing stones

We’re halfway through our Camp Crafts week – fast crafts that take 15 minutes or less, this week with a camp crafts theme. I’ve been loving all the Craft Lightning Camp Crafts so far this week – they take me back to my days at camp as a kid. Here are today’s awesome fast camp […]

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Camp Style Tie Dye Stained Glass

tie dye stained glass

Yesterday, as part of our Craft Lightning Craft Camp, I shared with you simple and easy less-mess tie dye. Because I loved dying shirts at camp. Today I wanted to bring dye into another part of craft camping… because most of the craft huts I’ve seen at camps only have a limited amount of supplies, […]

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Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

Harry Potter Time Turner Inspired Necklace

Are you nuts about Harry Potter? I’ve read the books twice (working on a third time – this time to my son), and love to watch the movies late at night, especially while doing some late night crafting. I love all of the wonderful wizarding world happenings in the movies – traveling by flu powder, […]

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Craft Lightning Craft Camp – Day 2 Roundup

painted pencils

It is day 2 of Craft Lightning Craft Camp – a whole week of camp crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less! Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I are sharing a fun, fast camp-inspired craft each morning, and each evening we’re rounding up crafts from our friends around blogland!   […]

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Less Mess Tie Dye with kids

Less Mess Tie Dye with Kids - so smart!

To me, camp means tie dye. I didn’t get to tie dye every time I went to camp, but it really was one of my favorite activities. One of my favorite camp photos is from a Girl Scout Day Camp where we all wore tie dye camp shirts. So, when trying to re-create traditional camp […]

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Craft Lightning Craft Camp – Day 1 Roundup


Yay! Another week of Craft Lightning! This week we’re sharing camp crafts – crafts inspired by camp, crafts you might make at camp, or crafts you could make at home for your own “summer camp” experience! There is still plenty of summer left… these ideas are sure to help you through those last few weeks […]

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Easy Faux Hair Wrap

tie bead in place

I went to camp most summers as a child. Some years I went as a camper, riding horses and doing crafts, and some years I went as staff. I enjoyed my weeks in the mountains, under the trees, getting to create craft projects and hang out with other campers. I have lots of awesome memories […]

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Dusty Flashlight Craft

Printable Dusty Flashlight cover

Dusty’s latest movie comes out in theaters today – Planes: Fire and Rescue. I had the chance to see it earlier this week with my son, and we LOVED it! Disney really does a great job of creating movies that the entire family can enjoy. There were jokes geared towards my 5-year-old son (like the […]

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