Custom “Checkers” for Father’s Day

finished custom chekerboard

Playing games is a fun pastime for most families, including ours. Our kids love to try to beat us at different board games - and often do! For Father's day, I thought it would be fun to make a game using photos of the kids as the pieces. You could absolutely use your favorite existing board game, and just make new tokens for it, that would be an even easier version of this fun Father's Day craft. This project is part of Craft Lightning Father's Day - a whole week of fun and fast Father's Day … [Continue reading...]

Tickets to Life Father’s Day Gift Idea

finished tickets to life shadowbox

Do you have a dad with a sentimental side, but who doesn't keep every scrap of paper? This "Tickets to Life" shadowbox is the perfect Father's Day gift idea! You can customize these tickets to look like movie tickets or concert tickets, but with details from major family milestones - dad's wedding, the birth of children, baptisms, or other milestones like the first family camping trip, a daddy-daughter dance, or other fun family event. These events don't normally have "tickets" like a concert or … [Continue reading...]

Simple DIY Baseball Stand

finished baseball on simple DIY baseball stand

Looking for an easy way to display a special baseball? Maybe it is a ball the whole Little League team signed at the end of the season. Maybe it is your first home run. It doesn’t have to be special to anyone but you to deserve a place of honor. We decided to make a […]

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Instax Cartridge Picture Frame

instax cartridge photo frame

Do you love taking photos with your Instax camera, but don’t know what to do with the empty cartridge after? I’ll show you how to turn a spent Instax cartridge into an Instax cartridge photo frame! With the crafty magic in a hot glue gun and some scrapbook paper, you can stop throwing away those […]

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Easy DIY Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt

Easy DIY Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt

When we went to Legoland California for the preview of the new Ninjago World, I made shirt for myself and the boys, including this fun Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt. You can see my Sensei Wu shirt and the Ninjago Pythor shirt that I made if you’re looking for more fun ideas. If you’d like the […]

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Lego Ninjago Pythor Shirt

finished lego ninjago pythor shirt

My boys are big Ninjago fans, and were super excited to go to the preview day for Legoland California’s new Ninjago World. I made special shirts for the occasion, including this Ninjago Pythor shirt for my oldest. Of the three shirts, this one felt like the most work, but it was still simple to make, […]

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Ninjago Sensei Wu Shirt

DIY Master Wu Lego Ninjago Shirt - Wear as as a costume, or to Legoland California's Ninjago World!

Legoland California recently opened “Ninjago World”. We attended their preview day, and of course needed to make some fun Ninjago shirts! I made shirts for my boys, but didn’t want to be left out… so I made myself a Ninjago shirt as well – this is my Sensei Wu shirt (if you’re a big Ninjago […]

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Hanging Framed Planter

finished hanging planter

Looking for unique decor? This hanging framed planter is the perfect thing! Plant flowers to brighten up your living space, without cluttering up table tops. This planter makes great decor indoor and outdoors – any place where your plant gets the sunlight it needs.   You’ll need: Framed Planter Paint (I used red paint and […]

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Smashed Penny Bracelet

finished smashed penny bracelet

Smashed pennies are a favorite souvenir in our family. My boys love picking out the design, choosing the perfect penny, and then smushing it with brute strength! I love how inexpensive they are. For 51 cents I’ve made my boys happy. The challenge is what to do with the smashed penny afterwards? Put them in […]

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Monogrammed Gate Decor

brush on wax

Sometimes, working with different craft companies, I’m sent surprises in the mail. Fun, happy boxes with craft supplies for me to try. Recently, Plaid Crafts sent me a box of their new chalk paints, along with this fun Sea Turtle Monogram from Unfinished Wood Co. to paint! I’ve been working on updating the garden of […]

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