No-Sew Felt Puppets

felt puppes are easy to make and fun to play with

I love imaginative play with kids. Puppets are so great for both young and old imaginations. Slip a puppet over your hand, and suddenly your hand is an entirely new character. With a different voice. Possibly an accent. You're having conversations with your hand. Arguments even. And with multiple puppets, the puppet on your hand can have deep, meaningful conversations with the puppet on your child's hand. These No-Sew Felt puppets are super simple to make. I have patterns for five different … [Continue reading...]

Felt Zippered Pouch

felt zippered pouch

Installing a zipper is super easy in this felt zippered pouch! I'll show you how you can make this pouch using your favorite decorative felt, or just your favorite color of felt. A felt zippered pouch is a great place to stash treats, use as a pencil pouch or even use as a clutch or purse. This project is part of Craft Lightning week. All week long my crafty friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Laura from Laura's Crafty Life and I are sharing fast, 13-minute-or-less crafts that you … [Continue reading...]

DIY Felt Earbud Case

DIY Felt Earbud Case - super simple to stitch up in just 15 minutes!

This little DIY Felt Earbud Case is super simple to make with only a few supplies – and you can whip up a Felt Earbud Case in about 15 minutes! I love the design of this Felt Earbud Case, and want to whip a bunch up in different colors! An earbud case is super handy […]

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Hexagon Felt Box

felt hexie boxes on 30 Minute Crafts .com

These cute Hexagon Felt Boxes are super simple to cut and to sew, and super useful! You can use a Hexagon Felt Box to store all kinds of items, to keep candy close at hand, or just as decorative pieces! Make your own stitched up Hexagon Felt Box with the instructions below. This project is […]

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Draw then Cut Valentine’s Stickers

finished stickers

The Print-then-cut feature on the Cricut is super awesome, and a great way to get lots of color in a design without having to cut multiple layers. Even easier than print-then-cut is the draw-then-cut option. There are so many different colored Cricut Pens that you can use in the machine, and it is so amazing […]

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Sucker Valentines

finished sucker valentines

I’m a sucker for Valentines with Suckers on them! These simple and fun sucker Valentines were made using Jolly Rancher suckers and my Cricut machine. But I’ve also made these printable sucker valentines and these Valentine Suckers. This project is part of a week of Valentine’s Crafts all made using the Cricut machine. My friends […]

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Valentine Candle

Valentine's Day Candle

Whether you like the flicker of a burning candle or the look of a decorative candle, we can all agree that a Valentine Candle makes great Valentine’s Day decor. This DIY candle doesn’t use many supplies, and is a great way to add a little color and ambiance to your Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day […]

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Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card

finished locked card

As I was walking through Michael’s Crafts Store, I saw these adorable lock and key brads. I knew they would make the perfect card! I love lock and key symbols for Valentine’s Day, so I looked up Valentine’s Card designs in Cricut Design Space. I simplified and adjusted the “Dear to my Heart” card that […]

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Mini Chocolate Boxes

Finished Mini Chocolate Box

I’m a big fan of Chocolate. Luckily for me, I married into a family that loves chocolate almost as much as I do. My in-laws generously gift us See’s Candies for holidays and special occasions. They know what our favorite chocolates are, and get custom 1-lb boxes made. Did you know that you can customize […]

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Ferdinand the Bull Flower

wrap stem

Love Ferdinand’s sweet nature? Are you as flower-crazy as he is? Make this simple Ferdinand the Bull Flower that you can enjoy year-round! Earlier this week, my family and I were guests at an advance screening of Ferdinand. A sweet story about a bull with a loving nature. He doesn’t want to fight, he wants […]

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