Fun Fabric Tassel Pen

Pens get stolen all the time. That’s why some doctor’s offices and other businesses have started putting flowers or large strips of paper on the backs of their pens. I happen to know a couple people who work at doctor’s offices… and they claim that although the pens do hang around longer than average, there are still plenty that make it into patient purses and pockets.
If you’re looking for a cute way to mark a pen as belonging to you, this tassel might be a good option. Yours may be so cute that it still gets snatched right off of your desk… But, since it was mostly made from scraps, and goes together very quickly, you can always make yourself another one.

A tassel is also a way to get more mileage out of your favorite fabrics… and be able to bring them to work with you! This pen was made with fabric from Tula Pink’s “Parisville” line. It has this fun dot print that looks great all cut up, but any print with a lot of color would look great as well.

I made the tassel for this pen with a long scrap strip of fabric. I had it left over from trimming the backing on a quilt. You could use ribbon instead. I also needed a pen, some embroidery floss, and a couple drops of glue.
I started by lining up one end of my fabric strip about an inch down on my pen.
I made loops all the way around the pen, holding down the pen-end as I went along. I tried to keep the loops about the same size, but didn’t worry about being exact.
Once I finished making all my loops and had them pretty much evenly distributed around the pen, I made a loop of embroidery floss going the other direction.
I then wrapped the floss around the pen, fabric, and embroidery floss loop as tightly as possible, starting from the top of the pen, and working my way down to the embroidery floss loop.
Once I got close to the end of the fabric, I trimmed the embroidery floss, and tucked the end into the loop.

I pulled the other end of the embroidery floss, which made the loop smaller and smaller… until it pulled the other end underneath the embroidery floss wrapping. I then trimmed both ends of the embroidery floss.
My fabric wasn’t perfectly lined up along the pen, so I trimmed it with some scissors to make it look a little neater.
I then put a couple drops of Gorilla Glue at the end of the pen, to help keep everything in place.

After the glue was dry, my pen was all done, and ready to use!

You can choose to trim your loops to give it more of a “shaggy” rather than a “loopy” look. This may cause the ends to fray, which can also look cute. The final outcome is up to you!

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  1. Very cute…..and something even crafting novice like myself can do 🙂

  2. Such a clever little craft. And so cute. These would make great party favors for little girls.

  3. That's really cute and simple! Just love the idea!!!

  4. Very fun craft— although, it may be more pen than I can handle!

  5. I love this – I could actually *do* this (I think…) I'm gonna try it. If the results aren't too terrible I'll post it. (Oh – I'll probably post it if they are terrible 🙂
    Yours turned out beautiful though – I am forever losing pens.

  6. That's a really awesome craft! I love the fabric you used too… but I'm sure mine wouldn't look as perfect as yours does!

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