Quick Onesie Painting

I was so excited when I learned that the Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line by Plaid was truly multi surface. I can use the same paint on wood, metal, terracotta, glass, ceramic… and fabric! And the line doesn’t stop at jut paints… there are some great tools and stencils as well.

When I discovered the adjustable striping brush, I was stoked! These cute lined-paper t-shirts have been popping up all over blogland. Lined Paper Tee by Maybe Matilda on U-Create and another Lined Paper Tee on She’s Crafty and a Notebook Top Tutorial on Butterfly Kisses. Everyone has a different method – from masking to using a marker, to using the edge of posterboard… but I just KNEW that the multiple brushes lined up were the perfect thing for me to create this tee.

The line comes with an awesome mix-in fabric medium. I highly recommend using the fabric medium if you’re painting on fabric. From a crafter’s standpoint helps to thin out the paints so that they absorb into the fabrics better, and it makes the paint more flexible when painting on clothes. I’m sure there is some science behind it as well, but I’ll leave that to the experts over at Plaid.¬†

To make your own t-shirt, start by pulling out the extra brushes until you have the space between brushes that works for you. I pulled out every other one. I then mixed 1 part fabric medium to 2 parts paint in one of the handy Martha Stewart Crafts paint bottles, snapped on the lid, and shook it up.
I ironed some freezer paper to the inside of the onesie to give it some stability, and so the paint wouldn’t soak through to the back.
I poured out a stripe of paint on my freezer paper covered table, dipped in my brushes, and drew a line. I was mostly going for the spacing. Where the lines were faint, I just went over them again with the fine tip on the paint bottle.
I then lined up the top brush with the bottom line, and did the same thing over again.
 Three sets of lines, and one quick stripe of red, and I was all done!

These paints (and the cool tools in the line) are brand-new-on-the-market, and just starting to appear in stores. They are sold exclusively at Michaels stores in the US and Canada. You should check them out!

And, if you want to see the quick onesies I made with the paint-fabric medium mix I had leftover, check back tomorrow!

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