Toilet Paper Roll Band

Okay, this isn’t exactly an entire toilet paper roll band… more like just the percussion section. But, that isn’t going to stop my toddler from having a ball! Each of these decorated toilet paper rolls is filled with something different, so it makes a different sound.

What better way to celebrate National Toilet Paper Day than with a great TP roll project! I’m sharing a bunch of other toilet paper roll projects in a National Toilet Paper Day Post over at Always Expect Moore, if you’re interested in seeing more project that range from simple and fun to fine art (yes, TP roll fine art!)

To make one, or several, of these little TP roll instruments, you need a couple supplies. Some construction paper, toilet paper rolls, ModPodge, and some “noisemakers” for the inside of each instrument. I chose bells, a large pasta noodle, and some plastic pellets. A couple rubber bands come in handy, too.
Trace the ends of the toilet paper roll onto a corner of the construction paper – but not too close to the edge.
Cut out between 1/2″ and 1″ away from the circle you drew in the last step. Then cut slits inward towards the center line. Be careful to meet the center line, but not go over it. Then fold all the resulting flaps up in preparation for the next step.
Put a layer of ModPodge around the base of the toilet paper tube, and attach the circle. Make sure the flaps fit tightly down into the ModPodge.
Make sure you add your filler (it won’t make noise without it), and then and only then, add the cap on the other end.
Use the tube itself to¬† “measure” the size construction paper needed by rolling it down the paper, keeping one edge even with the edge of the paper, and marking the other edge.
Cut out the resulting rectangle, and ModPodge around the tube. Hold in place with rubber bands or tape to secure until it has dried enough to stay together on its own. If you leave the rubber bands on too tight for too long, it can cause indentations.
After your TP instrument has dried, you can use a marker to draw fun shapes on the rolls, giving them more interest.

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  1. I keep seeing all these crafts using toilet paper rolls. Yes they are cute but,its also kind of gross, the bathroom is so full of germs, from the toilet flushing and spraying everything within feet of it. To everyone touching the toilet paper, to people/kids changing the toilet paper roll with possible contaminated dirty hands. I think these paper tube type crafts should stop using toilet paper rolls and stick to paper towel tubes or paper tubes from plastic wrap and wax paper. im Sorry,Just my honest opinion.

  2. Flush with the toilet seat down!


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