Wine Bottle Stopper with Supplies from Lowes

I got back from BlogHer last night, and had a great time. Check out Always Expect Moore for the mini recap.

While there, I stopped by the Lowe’s booth to get my craft on. Yup, you read that right… I did some crafting at BlogHer… and I did it with supplies from the hardware store.

Normally, when I think of running to my local craft supply store to get some DIY inspiration, I don’t think of Lowe’s. But I will in the future. There are so many fun and fabulous supplies that just need a dose of creative thinking to become amazing.

I took the picture to the left, as well as all the step-by-step photos in the Lowe’s booth where they had all the fun supplies to make this cute wine bottle stopper. I can’t take credit for the idea, but I CAN show you how to make your own in just a few quick minutes.

Here are the supplies you need. You can find the cute little “do-dads” in the cabinet hardware isle. If a Lowe’s employee asks what you’re looking for, you might want to call them “Cabinet Knob Backplate.” You know, to sound like you know the difference between a Phillips Screwdriver and an Allen Wrench.
Cut a couple lengths of the copper wire… nice long ones are good, you can always cut them shorter later. Stick one end of each down into the middle of the cork. Go deep enough that they really stay put.
String on the drawer knob backplates (the do-dads).
 Curl the ends of the wire around the base of the pen. Curl all the way down to hold everything in place.
Now all that’s left is to open a bottle of wine! Hmmm… maybe all craft projects should end with a glass of Merlot?

Until next time,

This is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT compensated by Lowe’s or any other company for writing this post. I just had a good time, thought this was a clever project, and wanted to share.


  1. Super cute….great tutorial. Can you believe I don't have an actual wine stopper? Need to make me one of these.

  2. Cutest bottle stopper ever!!!

  3. Isn't that just sweet and cute 🙂

  4. Very cute!!!! And seeing my affinity for wine- I may need one!

  5. I have wine stoppers in silver… but love these for outside summer! Thank you for the idea!!!

  6. Cute! I definitely need one of these around the house.

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