Fast Fall Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For lots of reasons. There is no big pressure to make, buy, or give presents. Just about all my shopping can be done at one store (the grocery store). And, the focus is on two of my favorite things – family and good food!

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to sneak in a little creative DIY in the decor… but keeping it fun and simple is key. Like this super-simple centerpiece from SAS Interiors using two materials (that you probably have on hand, or pretty close), and one tool. Does it get any easier?

Once you go check out the tutorial, you can think of fun ways to change it up. Switch the branch for a nice bark-covered piece of firewood, or a painted 2×4. And the candles can be switched out for tapers (on a nice sturdy piece of wood that isn’t going to tip over) or other candle sizes!

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