Feature: Mini Pom-Poms

Somewhere I’ve got a picture of me and my brother as clowns. The awesome costumes were made by my mom when we were kids. And probably has something to do with me being one of the only children of the ’80s who is NOT deathly afraid of clowns. That, and my mom never let us watch R-rated movies.

Ummm… back to the point… clown costumes, along with many other costumes can be enhanced with pom-poms from Craft Passion. Like these super-cute ones that you can make with just yarn and a little spare time.

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  1. They are cute!

  2. I was a 3 headed clown for Halloween one year and loved it!

  3. So cute!

  4. They are so cute….I love the Angry Birds…awesome.

  5. adorable!

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