Ribbon Snowman Pin

Need a quick, festive pin to wear to a casual holiday party? What about an easy gift for someone who really should get “something” but not something big? Or a fun way to decorate a holiday gift with a little something extra? This snowman pin is just the thing! Made with just a few inches of grosgrain ribbon, scraps of felt, a safety pin, and some glue, you can whip one up in about 10 minutes! Just don’t go so quick that you burn yourself on the hot glue!

If you make these pins assembly-line-style, you can have a whole army of snowmen to pass out at the office, to toss in with gifts, adorn stockings… the uses are endless! And when someone asks, “Did you make this?” you can answer “YES!” as if you’d spent the entire day slaving over a hot-glue gun!

To get started, gather your materials – white grosgrain ribbon, red felt, black felt, a safety pin, and your glue gun.
Cut 2 lengths of ribbon, with the ends cut at an angle. The longer piece (about 6 inches) will be the head and top body piece, the shorter piece (about 5 inches) will become the bottom body piece.
Make a loop using roughly the top 2.5″ of the 6″ piece of ribbon. Secure with a dab of hot glue. Just a dab, you don’t want a runny, goopy, hot-glue mess!
Bring the bottom half up, and secure with another dab of hot glue. Your snowman is starting to take shape! Right now, it should look like a figure-eight with the top part smaller than the bottom.
Add on your 5″ piece of ribbon, securing right on top of your last 2 ends, with yet another dab of hot glue.
Bring the “tail” end up and secure with still another dab of hot glue.
Cut out your hat from the black felt, and your scarf from the red felt. You can see my hat is less than 1″ x 1″ in size, and my scarf is about .5″ x 3″. I cut some “fringe” into each end of my scarf using sharp scissors.
Wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck. Play with the placement until it looks the way you want it to. Use some hot glue on the front to secure it. Before securing the scarf on the back, slip in a safety pin, making sure the sharp part of the pin is up. When you secure the scarf to the back with hot glue, you’ll be securing the pin in place at the same time!
Just secure the top hat in place with one final dab of hot glue, and you’ve got yourself a ribbon snowman!

I’m off to go work on lots more of these… I’m thinking that they’ll make great little gifts for the front-desk staff at my son’s daycare… and they’ll look great as gift toppers for all the gals at work!


  1. This is super cute and so quick! Inspiring me to make a crazysexy ribbon!

  2. Sooo cute and simple!

  3. How cute!!!! And so simple…. perfect for a last min touch!

  4. That is so super cute….I love it.

  5. this would be a darling hair clip as well. Great job.

  6. SWAPS!!! Oh these would make great Girl Scout swaps! (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere)

    • I had SWAPS when I was a Girl Scout and went off to camp (a loooong time ago…) these would absolutely make great swaps!


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