I Only Have Ice for You – Ice Cube Tray

I’m loving the dollar section at Target for quick and easy holiday craft supplies! I saw this heart-shaped ice cube tray, and knew that with a little corny humor, it would make a great Valentine’s gift! Even better – these trays come two-to-a-pack, so you can whip up a stack of these as Teacher’s gifts, or for you gal pals! Because with a little corny twist “I only have eyes for you” becomes “I only have ice for you!”

The process takes about 10 minutes, depending on your lettering skills.

I started by collecting my supplies – paper cutter, scallop-edged scissors, markers, and Valentine-y papers.
I cut a strip the length of the paper, and a smaller rectangle. I trimmed both with decorative scissors, and wrote “I only have ice for you” on the smaller piece.
I scored and folded the larger piece. The tray is about 5″ wide and 1/2″ tall, so the perfect size for the sheet of paper.
I wrapped it around the tray, taped the back, and attached the wording… DONE!

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