Crafty Quickies Round Up

Day three of the Crafty Quickies week that I’m hosting with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage… and I am so glad that I don’t have to pick a favorite! So many amazing quick crafts. It just goes to show that there is always enough time to craft up something fun!

Madigan Made did a crafty quicky round-up of her own, sharing eight craft tutorials that can all be completed in less than 15 minutes. So, if you have 2 hours to kill, you can whip up all eight of these bad boys! FUN!
This pendant from Cynchronicity is a quick upcycling project that you can make with items you likely have lying around the house. With a couple of extra minutes, you could add paint or some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and nobody would have a clue what the original materials are! Though, as is, they’d have a hard time guessing!
With the meal planning that’s been going on around my house lately, I’ll have to whip up one of these great menu boards from Simply Frugal Mom. So stylish, you’d never guess it only took her about FIVE minutes to make! Scroll down in her post to see other fun crafts you can make with your leftover 10 minutes…
Easter is sneaking up on me this year. I’ve done nothing to get ready! But I could whip up a couple of these Boutique Easter Onesies from Sunny Tuesday and have them in the mail to my nieces before naptime is over!
Angie from The Country Chic Cottage painted up some flower pots in preparation for Spring… you’ll want to see the great tool and technique she uses to get each flower painted perfectly.
And if you missed my Quick Monogram Bag from earlier today, make sure to check out my fast painting tips!

For more fast crafting inspiration, we have some great quick crafts linked up to the Crafty Quickies Linky… make sure to add your own as well!

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