Dinosaur Outfit – Baby’s Going Home Outfit

Hubby and I decided to do the baby’s nursery in Dinosaurs. Which, of course, includes a fun dinosaur print. To make a going-home outfit for baby, I decided it would be fun for him to match his new decor. So, I put together a quick going-home outfit for him. Really, it is just a shirt with a raw-edge applique dinosaur, and a matching pair of pants. But, as far as he’s concerned, “mommy made it”. And that should be all that matters, right?

I bought a pack of side-snap shirts from Target. These are the best for infants, because they don’t put any pressure on the still-healing umbilical cord. And, a couple pairs of pants that coordinate with my dinosaur fabric.

I started with just one of the shirts.
I ironed Heat-n-Bond Lite to the back of my fabric. Using a fabric marking pencil, I outlined my dinosaur in the shape I wanted to cut. I made sure to leave a margin around him for stitching.
After cutting him out, I peeled the paper off the back of the Heat-n-Bond, and placed him where I wanted him on the shirt.
Then ironed him in to place.
It is important to select the right stitch when sewing on a t-shirt. I used this triple stitch to give extra support on the stretchy fabric.
I unsnapped the side of the shirt, and stitched around the dinosaur, attaching him to a single layer of the shirt. My stitching is about 1/8″ away from the edge of the dinosaur applique.
It was so simple that I whipped up a couple spares… just in case baby decides to get messy between getting dressed, and actually making it home. You can never be too safe (or too cute)! All I have to do is throw these in the wash and they’re ready to go!

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  1. How cute are these! thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey there, where did you find such cute dino fabric?

    • I found it at the quilt shop. Unfortunately, it is out of print now… you can try looking online for the fabric – the line is “Baby Saurus” by Little Yellow Bicycle. I did a quick search and couldn’t find any. 🙁

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