Key to My Heart Mini Frame

This was a fun quick craft, and it just goes to show that a labor of love doesn’t have to be decades – or even hours – in the making. My son loves this little key in a frame. He’s at that age where keys are a “big deal” and he loves all things key and lock related. Which results in plenty of locked doors that shouldn’t be. But, that is a story for another day… actually, more like several more stories while we share a bottle of wine!

If you want to take a few minutes to share your own “key to my heart” sentiment… here’s how:

I started off with simple supplies, paint & paintbrush, frame, keys from the scrapbook section of the craft store, and some scrapbook paper for my heart and background.
I brushed some silver paint over the key, and let it dry (just a couple minutes), and came back and gave it a second coat.
While the key was drying, I took apart my frame, and traced the insert that came in the frame on my background paper, then cut it out.
On the scrapbook paper for the heart, I drew the rough shape of a heart on the back of the paper, and then tore around it.
Using the mostly-dry paintbrush with the silver paint, I painted some silver on the scrapbook heart.
I attached the heart onto the background paper, popped the heart in the frame, and then glued the now-silver key right onto the glass.
Quick, easy, done… and heartfelt!

Make sure you read further for all kinds of other great projects you can do in 15 minutes or less… I’ll be back later today with another great round-up of posts!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Love it. Some of my favorite projects are also my fastest!

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