Quick Decorated Gift Box

Gift Boxes are a great way to wrap up a little gift. I keep boxes I get, and I like to dress them up before re-using them. Using Mod Podge to cover them with paper or fabric is quick and easy. So is this technique that adds a pop of color and texture with tissue paper!

This box is even more quick to put together because I found pre-cut tissue paper squares at the craft store! Sure, I could cut out individual squares from tissue paper myself, but that takes time. Making a craft quick and easy is often as simple as having just the right supplies close at hand. And, since this little box didn’t use up that many squares, I’ll have plenty more on hand for future projects!

To make the decorated gift box, I used Mod Podge, tissue paper squares, an old cardboard gift box (though you can find inexpensive ones at the craft store) and a paintbrush.
I put a generous coat of Mod Podge on the top and sides of the lid.
Then added a layer of my base color. In this case, white. I overlapped the squares a bit.
I kept adding more Mod Podge and layering more squares. I didn’t worry about letting the tissue paper dry between layers, and I didn’t worry about getting everything smooth – the wrinkles are part of the fun of this project. So is not worrying!
I added more colors, and let them overlap to get a fun stained-glass effect.
Once I finished the top, I repeated the process with the bottom of the box.
After I let it dry overnight, I had the perfect box for a fun spring gift! 
Another fun twist on this project would be to use Mod Podge Sparkle. Or, if I wanted to spend more than 15 minutes… I could use torn pieces of tissue paper for a little more “distressed” look.

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  1. Love this idea! It looks so fun, and is a great way to reuse boxes that might have words (from a store) on them too! I like the idea of using torn pieces of tissue. I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks for this!

  2. I agree with Laura's comment – great rescue for a not-so-pretty box!

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