Quick Monogram Bag

In less than a month, we’ll be adding a new member to the family! This means packing hospital bags. Several of them. For me, with everything I’ll need… from clothes to phone chargers. But also a special bag for 3-year-old “Little Moore” who will be coming to the hospital to visit me and his new baby brother. I thought it would be fun to whip up a special hospital bag just for him!

I picked up a plain red tote bag at Michaels. This is the perfect size for a puzzle, a couple small toys, and some snacks. And, it is just the right size for him to carry himself… which will be very handy when mama’s arms are full of baby (and baby gear)!

I just used two paints, and since the two paints never actually touch each other, I didn’t have to worry about the one drying before starting on the second.

I put some yellow paint on my paintbrush, and outlined a quick L.
I then added more paint, and darkened the L, making the line a little thicker, and cleaning up the edges.
In just a couple minutes, I had my L completed!
Now to add the glitter. Some might think that glitter isn’t “manly”, but my little guy loves things that sparkle or are shiny… so I picked some very manly black glitter paint. To save on time, I just squeezed the paint right from the bottle onto the bag in a line.
Using a second paintbrush, I spread out the glitter.
And repeated the process, adding glitter paint, spreading and smoothing outward from the letter all the way around.

In less than 15 minutes, I created a custom tote for my little guy. One that he can tell his little brother “NO! That’s MINE!” for years to come.

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