30 Minute Quilted Table Runner

 Making a quilted table runner in 30 minutes was a challenge. I busted right through this project and made it in just at 30 minutes. Really, by the skin of my teeth. My original plan was to use 3 wider strips, and instead I went with 5 more narrow ones. This looks better, but obviously if I had gone with just 3 strips it would have taken less time, and I would have been well within the 30 minute time limit for crafts on this blog.

To make your own:

1/2 yard Fabric 1
1/2 yard Fabric 2
batting cut to 11″ x 42″
notions: pins, rotary cutter
machine threaded with coordinating thread

Start by cutting strips and backing. All were cut the width of the fabric. From Fabric 1 I cut two 2″ strips, and a piece 11″ wide for the backing. From fabric 2 I cut two 3″ strips and one 2″ strip for the middle.

I stitched them all together, in order, and then pressed all the seams at the same time. Because I will be quilting this stitch-in-the-ditch style, I pressed the seams all in one direction, rather than pressing them open.

I layered my pieces. First batting, then backing (right side up), then the pieced top (right side down). The top is a little smaller than the backing and batting this is on purpose.

 I trimmed the ends, and pinned around the edges to secure while sewing.

I stitched all the way around, leaving a hole on one end for turning. Next time, I’ll leave my hole for turning along one of the long ends. Having it at the short end meant it was along a part that was pieced, and trying to tuck it all in to look pretty wasted precious time, and was nearly impossible. Putting it on a long edge will be easier and more time-effective.

After clipping my corners, I turned it right side out, stitched the hole closed, and (with the walking foot on my sewing machine) did straight-line quilting down the seams between the white 3″ strips and blue 2″ strips – so only time for two lines of quilting.

I love that this is a super-fast way to dress up a space for a party, add some softness to a mantle, or to give as a holiday-time housewarming gift or hostess gift. Using different holiday fabrics will also give different looks to this simple table runner.

There is still one more day of Quick Handmade Holiday Crafts as we celebrate Christmas in July! If you’ve missed any over the past week, make sure to go back and check them out.

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