30 Minute Wine Bags

Only 5 months until Christmas! And this year I’m REALLY going to get my holiday gift crafting done early. And easily. With projects like this wine bag, which is great to have on hand for a hostess gift or last-minute present. I cut two simultaneously, and was able to get them BOTH done in 30 minutes.

The bag is the perfect size to fit a standard bottle of wine, but can also comfortably hold a bottle with a larger base, like a bottle of sparkling cider. In a fun holiday fabric like the one I chose, it instantly makes any bottle more festive!

Holiday Fabric
48″ of ribbon
Bottle of Wine or Cider

Start by cutting your fabric. For each bottle, you need a rectangle 12″ wide by 20″ tall. Iron a 1″ flap down at the top, and then another 4″. Mark where the second fold lands on the fabric. Unfold the second pressing, leaving just the 1″ flap down. Fold the fabric RST so that you are looking at a rectangle 6″ by 19″ (because that 1″ flap is still down at the top). You should have something that looks like this picture:

Fold the ribbon in half, and pin the fold on the longest raw edge, just above or just below where you marked in the previous step. Make sure to keep the ends of the ribbon on the inside of the bag and out of the way of stitching in the upcoming steps.

Stitch along the long side and the bottom, catching the ribbon in the seam. Keep wrong-side out and fold the bottom corners as shown in the picture below. Mark a line 1 1/4″ from each corner.

Stitch on the lines from the previous step, “boxing” the corners at the bottom of the wine bag.

Fold down the top of the bag to the crease line made by the iron in the first step (the 4″ mark). Stitch around the bottom of this fold, about 1/4″ from the edge (3 3/4″ from the top of the bag).

Turn the whole wine bag right side out, and you’ve got a finished bag!

Come back each day over the next week for another quick craft that will have you ready for the holidays before it is time to stuff your Thanksgiving Turkey!

And if you’re a blogger with some great quick handmade holiday gift ideas, make sure to link them up in the previous post!

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  1. Carolina, what a great way to dress up a bottle of wine. And a gift of wine isn’t so shabby either ;-). Thanks for sharing.


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