Bottle Cap Ornaments

I’ve been collecting bottle caps. With no particular craft in mind. I thought it would be fun to turn them into mini ornaments for the Quick Handmade Holiday Gifts series that I’ve been featuring for the last week. The problem was – how would I secure the bottle caps together? Hot Glue would run out the sides and look ugly. And any other glue I could think of wouldn’t provide enough substance to adhere the uneven edges of two bottle caps. Then I came up with a solution that is total genius. If I do say so myself. Read on to learn how I did it.

Bottle Caps
Hot Glue
Push Pins
Embroidery Floss or other String for hanging loops
notions: Paintbrushes

 I started by pairing up sets of bottle caps. I painted them all with a base color. Each got two or three coats to cover the logo on the top.
I didn’t worry about painting the edges, the gold, green, or white was Christmasy enough for me, and I wanted to be able to tell that they were bottle caps.

After the bottom coat dried, which took no time at all in the Vegas heat with the ceiling fan on, I painted a snowflake on the top of each.

I let that dry for a minute, and then added a thin coat of glitter paint.

Here is the secret to gluing two bottle caps together. Push pins! I used wire clippers to clip the end off a push pin.
SAFETY TIP!! I made sure to cover my hand in a towel as I was cutting to make sure that the pointy metal piece didn’t go flying off… and either land in the carpet for me to step on later, or go straight for my eye. 

I hot glued the pins to the inside of one side of the bottle cap ornament.

I had some braided cording that I used for the hangers. Two overhand knots, with enough space between the two to slip over the top of the pushpin.

Then I used hot glue to secure the bottle cap on the other side, and the ornaments were all set!

These bottle cap mini ornaments would look great on a small tree, a tree covered in handmade ornaments, or as decoration on a gift-wrapped package.

This was the last project as part of the Quick Handmade Holiday Gifts series to celebrate Christmas in July. If you haven’t seen all the other 30 minute projects I put together, make sure to go check them out!

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