Quick Christmas Tree Earrings

Continuing the week of Quick Handmade Holiday Gifts, today I’m showing you jewelry. These earrings are quick and easy to make. It isn’t even that tricky to get the left to look like the right because the whole beauty of these earrings is that they are imperfect.

2 – 8″ pieces of heavy gauge wire
2 – earring hooks
2 – crystal beads
small pliers (round-nose are best, but needle-nose will do)
small paintbrush handle

Start by wrapping the end of one wire around the smallest part of the paintbrush handle. Thread on the earring hook, and make two to two-and-a-half circles at the top.

Using your pliers, start bending the wire to make a zig-zag. Keep increasing the width of the zig-zag as you go.

When you get to the end, bring the wire to the middle and bend the wire 90 degrees so that it points down.

Thread on one of your crystal beads, and bend the excess wire up and out of the way. If the zig zags have gotten distorted, press the earring between your fingers to get it to lie flat.

Repeat the process for the second earring, eyeballing to try to keep the tree the same width as the first. If one earring ends up longer than the other, just squish the wire closer together on the longer earring to make it shorter.

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  1. I made these with gold wire and they turned out beautiful!! Next will be antique cooper wire, and on and on…. Thanks for the great tutorial!


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