Boo Boo Bags

With a Preschool boy in the house, we go through a lot of bandages. With another baby boy growing up fast, I now buy extra-large first-aid kits. Plural. One for upstairs, downstairs, and each car. Not a day goes by without some kind of minor catastrophe.

Instead of a continuous parade of bandages on owies that haven’t broken the skin – bandages which are removed within two minutes and left around the house – I make these Boo Boo bags. Quick to make, they are filled with rice so they get cool in the freezer, but not so cold that they can’t be put right on a bruise or bump. When the tears have passed they go right back into the freezer for the next time.

You can make your own using 5″ squares of fabic, or you can use squares from a charm pack. Start by taking the two squares of fabric and putting them right sides together. Stitch around all 4 sides, leaving a hole on one side for turning.

Turn right side out through the hole left in the last step.

Use a funnel to fill with rice. Filling about halfway is plenty. If you overfill, you’ll struggle through the next step.

Carefully stitch around all four sides, closing up the hole at the same time.  Then toss in the freezer to be prepared for the next bump or bruise.

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  1. Rebecca Mahon says

    Can you heat the Boo Boo Bags in the microwave?

    • Carolina says

      You probably can, but you want to be careful. There is no moisture in the rice or fabric, so they can catch fire easily. Also, you want to make sure you use fabrics and threads that will perform well in the microwave – anything synthetic or metallic could be dangerous.

      • Rebecca Mahon says

        What kind of thread should you use?

        • I would use a cotton thread if you’re considering putting it in the microwave. Anything synthetic could melt. I don’t ever put ours in the microwave – they stay in the freezer.

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