10 Minute Sparkly Zipper Pull

I love fun little zippered bags. They are quick and easy to make, and are easy little gifts (or to put a little gift in). To take it up a notch, I decided to whip up some sparkly zipper pulls for my zippered pouches.

Simple to make, I needed some large-eye beads, jump rings, lobster clasp, and a eye pin.

I attached a bead to each jump ring and attached these to the eye at the end of the pin.

Then I threaded the beads on the pin, and made a loop at the other end, wrapping the excess wire around the base of the loop to secure.

To the loop I just made I added a jump ring and lobster clasp, and was all done!

I got this zipper pull done in just 10 minutes… even with plenty of “help” from Little Moore!

This was my final tutorial for the fun Craft Lightning Week that I put on with Angie from the Country Chic Cottage. But I’ll be back later with a round up of other fun quick crafts… and every week you’ll find lots of 30 minute craft inspiration right here!

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