Simple Trophy from a Kid’s Toy

Make a trophy using a cheap kid’s toy and a few hardware store items! This is great for Father’s Day, Birthdays, or any occasion where you might want to recognize someone or crown a winner.

I’ve been wanting to do this project for the last year. But, a year ago, I was pregnant. And the gilding used here should be used in a well-ventilated area… and anytime you’re using a product that has strong fumes, you really don’t want to do it while pregnant.

Also, I had to wrangle a cheapie toy out of my son’s hands!

To make this trophy, I needed a few very specific supplies. An action figure out of a fast-food kids meal (washed and dried), Martha Stewart Gilding (found at Michael’s – this one is in gold), a molding piece from the hardware store (comes pre-painted, yeah!), a large washer that fits into the curve of the molding piece, E6000 glue to hold it together, and a soft-bristle brush I’m willing to throw away after the project is done.

Using the E6000 I glued the large washer in place, and the action figure onto the washer. I removed any excess glue with the non-bristle end of the paintbrush.

I shook the gilding to mix, and following the directions, started painting the figure and the washer on the base.

In some spots (like the back of the thighs here), the gilding didn’t adhere well. This was probably from oils from my hands getting on the plastic. I allowed the area to dry, and then re-painted the area which solved the problem.

I decided not to paint the top spinning part of the action figure, just to add a little extra interest, but painting it would be fine as well.

It is easy to add a little text to the base with stickers, a label maker, or a permanent marker, to mark the occasion or recipient.

This is part of the Craft Lightning series I’m doing with The Country Chic Cottage. We’re both creating 15 minute or less crafts all week – and featuring Craft Lightning projects from other bloggers as well! Stop by every day this week to check out all the quick craftyness!

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