Laundry Sorting Station

Clean Laundry Sorting Station

To me, doing laundry is the worst chore. Dishes are a close second, but laundry is the worst. There are so many steps. Sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away… and laundry never ends. Every day, more laundry arrives. With a family of four, it seems our laundry has multiplied exponentially. So, anything I can do to make the laundry process easier is a big win for me.

This laundry station for sorting and hanging clean laundry took me about 10 minutes. There are no fancy labels or cute signs… it is purely meant to be functional. I might add some cuteness to it later, we’ll see.

Set Up Laundry Hanging Area

I bought a rack at Target, along with small bins. I’ve been folding laundry as it comes out of the dryer lately, to avoid the game of musical chairs my laundry often plays after being removed from the dryer. This rack helps. Anything that needs to be hung up can immediately be hung on the rack. There are bins above to put socks for us and the kids, so that the socks can immediately be sorted by wearer, making sorting them into pairs easier later on.

Quick, simple, and functional. Hopefully this little bit of organization will find lots of use – saving me time.

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