Raw-edge non-Applique Throw Pillow

Don’t be scared by the word “applique”. Especially when applique is preceded by the words “raw-edge”. Because a raw edge applique is basically an ironed-on patch of fabric with stitching around it. And a raw-edge non-applique is probably something I just made up… because it is an ironed on patch of fabric with no stitching. Super simple, right? You can try this fancy technique (c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it) on a simple Valentine’s throw pillow. If you have a fancy craft cutter you can add vinyl lettering. If you don’t, you can paint on some letters. Or not. It would look pretty cool without.

Lovethrowpillow at crazylittleprojects

When your friends come over and comment on your cute new pillow, you can tell them that it is Raw-edge non-applique, and that you’ve pinned it to Pinterest. Make sure that when you pin, you click through to the original source.

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