Mod Podge Gift Wrap

mod podge valentine's gift wrap

I love Valentine’s Day. Maybe it is the hearts and flowers. Maybe it is all the red (which is my favorite color). Maybe it is just because Valentine’s Day is an excuse to tell people that you love them.

This Valentine’s Day, I wrapped up some books for my nieces… I wanted to make it more fun than regular gift wrap.

supplies for valentine's gift wrap


Gold-toned Kraft paper
Red Doilies
Valentine’s Ribbon
Mod Podge

I found some cute Valentine’s books for the girls, and wrapped them in the kraft paper.

wrap gift for Valentine's Day

I mod podged a heart doily in one corner.

mod podge doily

While the doily was still wet (you can wait for it to dry, but no real need to), I tied on the Valentine’s ribbon

add ribbon to valentine's gift wrap

All that was left was to tuck the bubbles under the ribbon and gift it!

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