No Sew Valentine’s Day Tea Towel

No Sew Valentines Tea Towel

I love quick and easy no-sew projects. This simple little Tea Towel is perfect for adding a little holiday decor to your kitchen, but doesn’t take much time, and doesn’t require busting out the sewing machine!

no sew Valentine's Tea Towel Supplies You just need a few supplies:
Plain tea towel
Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra
Scrap Fabric (I grabbed a fat quarter I had on hand)




Start by cutting off a piece of the Heat n Bond. Iron it to the back of the fabric. Once it cools, draw a heart on the paper backing. You can trace one if you like, or draw it freehand.

draw heart shape

Make two more hearts that are smaller, and then cut out the hearts. Remove the paper backing and them in place on the tea towel.

iron on hearts

Make sure you iron really well, and then you’re done! You can stitch around the hearts if you like, but the HeatnBond Ultra will last though many washings!


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