25 Shamrock and Four-Leaf Clover Inspired Quick Crafts

25 quick and easy shamrock crafts

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up fast… and with it a need to create the iconic Shamrock, or elusive 4-leaf clover. There are so many cute crafts dedicated to these St Patty’s Day Staples… I picked out some of my favorites… each of which can be done in 30 minutes or less! Great because the holiday is coming up fast… and who really wants to spend a month working on a craft dedicated to a day where middle-school bullies pinch their rivals who refuse to reveal green underwear. Yes, there might be some trauma in my past regarding this holiday… but that doesn’t affect my interest in creating fun crafts and decor to celebrate!


  1. Some great quick crafts here – I particularly like the little hat. I have had my first go ever at making a Saint Patrick’s day themed craft – it is a cute little crochet clover. Here’s the link, just in case you feel like having a look seeing as you are being so brave and have conquered your past traumas! Hehe xXx

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