Daffodil Spring Banner

15 Minute Daffodil Banner

Spring is here! I have friends who are surrounded by snow… but in Vegas, spring has sprung! This daffodil banner is the perfect way to bring some of that spring indoors (even if there are still patches of snow outdoors). I whipped up my banner in 15 minutes, it was that quick and easy.

This is the second project I’m doing as part of Craft Lightning Week. Craft Lightning Week is a whole week of crafts that take 15 minutes or less. I partner up with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and we each share a new super-fast lightning craft each day. And then we get our friends in on the fun and have them share their 15 minute crafts… which we share with you each afternoon in a Craft Lightning roundup! So make sure to come back this afternoon so that you can see what everyone else has been up to!

This daffodil banner was inspired by this chipboard banner over at Mod Podge Rocks. I loved the idea, and gave it my own spin!

daffodil banner suppliesHere is what you need to make your own:
Chipboard shapes
White Paint (yellow would work, too)
Mod Podge
Decorative Cupcake Liners
Connie Crystal Gems
Hot Glue





I started by giving the chipboard flowers a quick coat of paint. I didn’t worry about perfect brushstrokes, since the chipboard will just be in the background. I took about a minute per shape adding paint, and painted a total of 5 flowers.

paint chipboard

Since the layer of paint was thin, and the Las Vegas air very dry, the first chipboard shape was already mostly dry when I finished painting the last. I put a layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of each cupcake liner, then pushed it down into the middle of the dry, painted chipboard flower. I repeated this with each flower.

Attatch liners to chipboard

I measured my ribbon, putting a mark 18″ from one end, then adding a mark every 12″ for the flowers. I left 18″ on the other end, and then cut my ribbon. I then tied each flower in place on one of my marks by threading the ribbon through the hole, and tying a knot.

tie ribbon to holes in chipboard

My flowers were almost done, but needed a little something extra. With a small dab of hot glue, I added a pretty crystal to the center of each blossom. The perfect finishing touch.

put crystal in place

daffodil banner square

daffodils on a banner

Make sure you check back later today for my Craft Lightning roundup… and every day this week for more lightning quick crafts!


  1. I love it! I’ve used cupcake liners for several garlands. But never like this. Thanks!!

  2. Hello, I loved your garland and made a post about it here: http://twopluscute.com/10-beautiful-crafts-with-cupcake-liners/


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