Easter Egg Topiary

easter egg topiary via @30minutecrafts

Quick and simple to make, these Easter Egg topiaries can be fun Easter Decor on your mantle or on your Easter table. You can leave them empty, or fill them with a few hidden jelly beans as a snack for later… Depending on your decor, you can change the colors of the eggs to whatever you like, change out the containers, paint the stems… the options for customizing are limitless!

easter egg topiary supplies

Start with a few basic supplies:
Plastic Easter Eggs (in at least 2 sizes)
Pots or other containers (I used a clay pot and some Dollar Store Weddng Favor Pails)
Hot Glue
Assorted Ribbon
Filler (I used Poly beads, you can use beans rice, or whatever you have handy)



Saw your dowel into parts… My tall topiary is 14″ high, and my small topiaries are 11″ high. Then put holes in your eggs. You want to put a hole in the top and bottom of your large egg, and only the bottom of the small eggs.

You do NOT want to use a drill to make your holes. I broke several plastic eggs trying different ways to make a drill bit work.

do not drill easter egg

Instead, use a craft knife. Put the tip where you want your hole, and turn back and forth like you are locking and unlocking a door. Apply steady, gentle pressure, and start with an egg you don’t care overly much about in case you push too hard. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it, though! Just remember that different eggs are made with different plastics, and some will crack easier than others.

use stanley knife

Once you have holes in your eggs, thread them onto the dowels. If your holes are a little big, add a dab of hot glue to hold the eggs in place. If you are making multiple topiaries, make sure that you compare the height of the eggs on their sticks before gluing anything into place.

thread eggs onto dowels

Put a glob (that is a very technical term) of hot glue into the bottom of a pot, and insert the bottom of a dowel. Hold until the glue hardens. Add more hot glue if needed, then add your filler to keep the stick in place.

fill with poly beads

Tie a ribbon at the base of each egg, and you’re all set!

easter egg topiary at 30 Minute Crafts

If you like, you can paint your pots or your sticks to match your decor, and have lots of fun picking out just the right ribbons…

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  1. So Cute!! These would be fun to hide all over the house with little treats in them for the kiddos to find and collect their treats. 🙂

  2. They turned out cute! And you can never have too many possible uses for plastic eggs. I swear I end up with dozens more than I buy every year!

  3. I can see a forest of these on a coffee table. Cute!

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