Egg Carton Kids Craft

Chances are, you’ll have some leftover egg cartons after the weekend. After the eggs have been boiled, dyed, hidden, found, and then turned into deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches… turn the kids loose on this fun egg carton caterpillar. Carissa from Creative Green Living is the master of upcycled crafting, and this fun caterpillar is no “egg”ception!

recycled egg carton caterpillars - creative green living

Pin this project for the next time you have egg cartons and bored kiddos… but be sure to pin from the original source.


  1. I loved making “egg carton caterpillars” with my daughter when she was small. I have also used them to make tiny nut cups with pipe cleaner hangers so they look like baskets and even used a cup from an egg carton to make a simple birds nest. I just glued spanish moss all over it and added a few tiny fake eggs. Too cute!

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