Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

diaper wreath

I have thrown a LOT of baby showers. I’ve co-hosted, hosted, and gone to so many. And I love to come up with original ideas for each. Every shower I throw has a fun theme, games that are selected with the mom-to-be in mind, and decor that matches the theme.

Recently, I hosted a diaper party for White Cloud Diapers. I was able to invite a bunch of bloggers to my home to talk about this great diaper brand. Since many of them had never been to my house, I wanted to put a diaper wreath on the door so that they knew they were at the right place. This diaper wreath is super easy to make, and would be a great decor item for any baby shower. And when the shower is over, the diapers can be removed and used!

If you want to make a diaper wreath, here is what you need:

Large Styrofoam wreath base
About 15 diapers (depending on size – I used White Cloud Size 3)
Tulle or wide ribbon


Start by attaching the diapers to the wreath. You want to open up each diaper, and fold the front in and around the diaper.

wrap each diaper on


Then fold the top over, and secure the tabs to the back of the diaper, on the back of the wreath.

back of the wreath


I chose to have my diapers alternate which way they faced, but you could have all your diapers face towards the center of the wreath, or the outside of the wreath, depending on the look you are going for.

put diapers on wreath


Once you have diapers all the way around, take your tulle or wide ribbon and wrap it between the diapers for a decorative look.

wrap ribbon around wreath


All that is left is to hang your wreath!


If you are throwing a diaper-themed baby shower, another fun idea is to make a bathtub centerpiece. Just pile your diapers into a baby tub and tie a bow. I added a few little duckies for extra fun!

diaper centerpiece

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