Corsage Brooch Floral Pin

Corsage Brooch perfect for Mother's Day

Looking for something simple yet elegant for Mother’s Day? Maybe there is someone special in your life who you want to give flowers to, but she is always sad when the flowers fade? Or maybe you’re preparing for a wedding and want to have corsages for the moms, sisters, and aunties that will double as long-lasting gifts? This corsage brooch is simple to make, and the crystal touches transform ordinary silk flowers into upscale floral jewelry!

corsage brooch Start with your supplies:

Small Silk Flowers
Floral Tape
Hot Glue
6mm CZ pin (3 of them)
Hat Pin
20mm Raindrop Crystal (optional)


Start by pulling the floral heads off of the silk flowers. You will need three – just pull the whole flower right off the stem. Then insert the crystal pin right through the center of the flower. Use a little hot glue to secure the crystal into place, then wrap the base with floral tape to hide the base of the flower and the pin. When using floral tape, stretch it tightly and wrap securely.

Repeat with all three flowers.

put crystal on stem

Pull a leaf off of the flower stem to use as a background, and fold as needed. Place your three CZ flowers on top, and glue into place. Use as little glue as possible to keep it secure… you don’t want big gobs of glue showing!

layer flowers

Cover your glue by tying ribbons. You don’t need a fancy bow – just a double knot of several small strands of ribbon will work fine.

tie ribbons

You could stop right here and be done… but I wanted to add a little more sparkle!

I used a sharp craft knife to cut off the top of my corsage pin, and then the sharp point to drill down a little bit. Then I secured the large teardrop crystal in place with hot glue.

make crystal head pin

I glued a small piece of ribbon over the hot glue and holes in the crystal.

wrap pin with ribbon

I think the crystal pin really adds something… don’t you?

crystal corsage brooch pin

This was super simple to make, and for the cost of a corsage made with real flowers, I have one that will last for years… and sparkles!!


  1. So pretty…I love the pin!!

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