Easiest Earrings Ever!

This is a sponsored post. I was sent free product, but I decided all on my own that it is some pretty sweet stuff, and had fun playing with it. I hope you like what I came up with!

I love making my own jewelry. It often looks much more complicated than it is… as is the case with these super simple earrings. I was sent some awesome Darice Bling on a Roll

and Darice Gemz. I’ll be using the Gemz for other projects (they are sheets of sticky-back gemstones). For this project, I’m using the Bling on a Roll.

the second easiest earrings ever

I know the title of this post is “Easiest Earrings Ever”… and we’ll get to that. I’m going to start by showing you the second easiest ever earrings. Here is what you need:

supplies for simple earrings Bling on a Roll with 3 stones across
Earring wires
6 jumprings (3 for each earring)
2 pairs of pliers





Cut 2 pieces of Bling on a Roll the same length. I cut mine about 6″. Set one aside. fold the other one in half. Open two jump rings, feed them between the bling rows, and close them, as shown in the photo:

attach jump rings

Open a third jump ring. Feed it through the two jumprings on the bling, add on the earring hook, then close the jumpring. Your first earring is all done! Repeat this process with the other earring, and you have a finished set of earrings!

Now… want to know how to make the absolute easiest earrings ever? Sure you do! Here is what you need…

Earring Wires
Bling on a Roll (2 in a row)

attach earring wire

Cut 2 lengthes of bling, about 6 inches each. Put one aside.

Open the loop at the bottom of the earring wire, thread on the ends of the first strip of bling, and close the loop.

Repeat with the other earring and you’re done!

Easiest Earrings Ever with Bling on a Roll

This product is so fun and easy to use… I can’t wait to start playing with my Gemz!

Check out these other awesome crafts you can make using Gemz and Bling!

#Ad: I wrote this post as part of campaign with Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own.


  1. That really is an EASY project!!! Love it! And those would make some fancy going out earrings!

  2. Super cute and super easy! Love these!

  3. Love this and really love this ”bling on a roll”’ stuff and decided to click on your link to it so I could get some. It turned out to be a link that was ”untrusted”… I never go farther on such a site, so, how DO I get some bling on a roll so I can make some of your awesome designs???
    The product alone conjures up so many visions of BLING I just HAVE to have it!

  4. Aha! Never mind, I found ”Darice” bling on a roll on ebay for under $2.00 along with a bunch of other brands too. And as long as I’m here…do you (or anyone) know where I can get some of those end cups..cup chain ends, or whatever they’re called? I need some to finish the ends on single strand of rhinestone chain in a size ss12 !!! About 3mm I think. Going insane trying to find tbem in THAT size 🙁
    Thanks! Love your truly easiest ever design!!

    • Glad you were able to find it! One roll will make you LOTS of earrings!

      I think you’re looking for bead caps? When I’m searching for a very particular product, I start by calling my local shops. If I have no luck there, I often check Amazon. There are tons of sellers on Amazon, I can usually find what I need. Sometimes I google it (“buy size 12 bead cap” or “shop size 12 bead cap”) to see if I can find it that way. Good luck!

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