Recycled Juice Can Lid Garland

juice can lid garland

We’re big fans of juice in this house, so we end up collecting a lot of these lids from the ends of the frozen juice concentrate containers. I was able to quickly and easily string these together to make a fun party decoration… that my preschooler immediately commandeered to have as decor in his own room.

can lids


Metal juice can lids (I used about a dozen)
Mod Podge


Use a nail to punch two holes in each can lid – one on each side. (the bandaid is from a different injury… but still craft related)

make holes in sides

Turn the lids over and hammer down any sharp bits.

flatten holes

Cut lengths of ribbon, about 6″ each in length, and use these to tie the lids together.

tie together lids

Trace the lid onto the paper. Fold the paper into quarters to cut multiple circles at the same time. Cut about 1/8″ inside the traced line.

trace lid

Mod Podge the circles onto the middle of the can lids.

mod podge paper to lids

Allow to dry and hang up! Your fun new garland is all done!

To celebrate Earth Day, I teamed up with a bunch of friends to share crafts using recycled materials. Check out all of these fun crafts:




  1. You can make it once and use it every year for birthday parties. Great idea.

  2. So cute! My mind is reeling with color choices, Mod Podged photos & more for upcoming parties. So Great!!

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