Scrappy Dressed up Tin Can Craft

There are some recycling supplies that just pile up. Ever since I mentioned to family that I collect bottle caps – I have more bottle caps than I know what to do with! If people find out you collect toilet paper tubes, suddenly you’ll find yourself with a closet full of those. Tin cans are yet another recycled craft staple that tends to pile up around my house, because there are so many fun ways to make a tin can craft! You can use them to make an upcycled scrappy dressed up tin can. These were used as pencil cups and put into goodie bags, but I could totally see these as the goodie bags themselves! Wrap them up in cellophane, and tuck in some small treats – flavored teas, peppermint sticks, small cookies, and you have one sweet treat!

scrappy dressed up tin cans

These cans are so pinnable! But be sure to pin from the original source.


  1. Wow… thanks for re-posting this one 😀 Hope everyone can have some fun recycling tin cans.

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