30+ Fast Paperclip Crafts

Over 30 Fast Crafts Made With Paperclips

Craft supplies can be anything – even office supplies! Use paperclips and binder clips as a source of inspiration to make a variety of different paperclip craft projects. Entertain kids, make jewelry, decorate your home… all with paperclips. Take a few home from the office, or buy boxes full from the office supply store – paperclips are a great craft supply! Get wild with fancy shaped paperclips! You can use standard metal, or updated plastic coated, either way you’ll be able to craft up a storm!

This little office staple is easy to bend with just your fingers, but for more intricate designs, you might want to have pliers on hand. Check out all these paperclip craft projects for some great ideas!



  1. Very cute paper clip crafts, gonna have to try some of these, especially with my grand daughter.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my crochet heart paperclip! You have gathered so many beautiful ideas here. It’s incredible how you can create so many amazing things just by using so simple materials.

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