Candy Fireworks with American Crafts

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Candy Fireworks

A huge THANK YOU to American Crafts for sending me a fun box of glittery goodness to play with! One of the best parts of what I do is getting boxes in the mail, and then getting to come up with fun ideas of what to do with them! I had a blast (pun intended, thanks for noticing!) making these Candy Fireworks with the glitter cardstock and glitter tape from American Crafts. Want to make your own sweet and fire-free 4th of July decor? I’ll show you how!

American Crafts Supplies

Here is what they sent. I used the different glitter cardstocks, the double-stick tape, the glitter tape, and the glitter Thickers (awesome super-thick sticker letters). I’ll save the loose glitter for another time. To this, I added some curling ribbon, scissors, hot glue, and CANDY! Because, you know, they’re candy fireworks.

pick round candies

I originally went to the store looking for Lifesaver rolled candies, but couldn’t find them. I got a variety of different rolled and tube candies instead. They all worked great, and I loved the variety that the different thicknesses and lengths brought to the project. Hint: buy extra. Not all of my candies made it to the craft table… haha!

The process was simple. I cut the cardstock the length of the candy, and rolled the candy over the cardstock to determine the width.

cut paper to size for candy

Cardstock is a little heavier than paper, so I curled it around a pen to get the curve going. You could curl it around a dowel or a paper straw. The idea is to get a nice looking curve without creasing the paper.

roll paper with a pen

I unrolled the paper, and used the double-stick tape on three sides to attach the cardstock to the candy.

tape up candy

Then I decorated with the glitter tape. This part was fun! I just added strips of tape in whatever pattern felt right. The glitter tape is super sticky, but getting any adhesive to stick to glitter is tough, so I helped out by adding a dab of hot glue at the ends. That kept the tape super secure.

The tape is awesome stuff, by the way – so easy to add glitter accents!

wrap with glitter tape


If I left them like this, they’d end up just being “candy spirit sticks” which is fine, but I wanted FIREWORKS. I cut 5 pieces of ribbon, each about 8″ long, and tied one end with an overhand knot. I curled the ribbon, and then glued the knot to one end of my candy firework.

before and after rollo becomes a candy firework


I used the Thickers to add {POW} to my glass container, just for a little more fun!

Candy Fireworks for the 4th of July

I guarantee that these candies won’t last until Independence Day! I’m sure I’ll be whipping up some more before the 4th of July!

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  1. I love that sparkly paper! Gotta get some!

  2. These turned out super cute Carolina! I love that you not only covered them, but put the firework spin on it!

  3. Cute! I love that glitter paper…too fun!

  4. These look so fun to make! Love the colors!

  5. These are so cute!!

  6. I’m having a party for the fourth and I’m so making these! LOVE!

  7. This is adorable, I have twin nephews that will be 12 on the 4th. I am thinking about doing this in a cool cup and adding the little pull string poppers and snappers to it.


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