Customized Photo Kid Puzzles

My boys both loved puzzles as babies. Figuring out where things go, and how to put them there is an essential part of learning hand-eye coordination. It also helped them learn patience. Trying to get those puzzle pieces into place can be frustrating! Kid puzzles make for great gifts.

I love these custom photo kid puzzles – the idea of adding a little extra layer of personality to the puzzles with family photos is so clever! How cute is this idea? The puzzle looks like a normal puzzle until you lift up the pieces… and then hidden underneath are fun family snapshots! A great way to play peek-a-boo with far away family members!

This is also a great DIY project to give as a gift to a friend who “expects” a crafted or handmade gift… when you don’t have time to make something from scratch. You could even clean up and repaint thrifted puzzles for this project!

Photos in baby puzzle - Decorella Knox

Pin this to use as a baby shower or first birthday gift… but be sure to pin from the original source!

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