Quick Patriotic Crafting with American Crafts

Light Up Patriotic Wand

I’m getting together with Angie again for some more quick Patriotic crafts! Angie is making a fun chalkboard with a patriotic theme, and I’m making a light-up wand – the perfect alternative for those too young for sparklers this 4th of July!

Patriotic Wand Supplies You can follow along in the video as we each put together our crafts. If you want to craft along with me, here is what you’ll need:

Dowel (cut short for a nice wand)
Double-sided tape
American Crafts Ribbon
American Crafts Scrapbook paper
LED light (found in the floral section of the craft supply store)
Hot Glue Gun




  1. Subtitles or printed words would have been nice. I figured out by watching the video, but had no idea what she was saying. Yes, I am a deaf arts and crafts teacher. Another pet peeve is there are no print options anymore, unless you join up (and I can’t join every web page just to print something for my after school classes.) I have to cut and paste to keep ads out of finished directions. I keep them in a binder. Love most of the ideas and would love to have it as easy as it once was to just print.

    • Carolina says

      Hi Jean!
      We record these videos through Google+, which automatically transfers them to YouTube. If you click on the YouTube button on the bottom of the video to watch it on Youtube, you can click on the “Transcript” button in YouTube. This is automatically generated through YouTube, and is sometimes not perfect… but might help you understand the steps a little better.
      Sites like ours aren’t really designed for printing. There are some sites that offer printable options for a fee (or for signing up, as you mentioned), but this is an extra step that the site author has to take, and can be time consuming. I’d rather spend my time coming up with fun new projects!


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