Watermelon Plates: Watermelon Week

Watermelon is one of those things that just screams SUMMER! You don’t need to sign up for a Watermelon Eating contest to enjoy watermelon this summer, you can make these quick and easy watermelon plates! This post is part of a series I’m participating in with some other bloggers, scroll down to the end of this post to see their projects and click over to fill your week with watermelon goodness!

Fast and Easy Watermelon Plates

decoart paint For these plates, you just need a few supplies:
DecoArt Glass Paint
Paint sponges
Plain sponges
4 Glass plates




Start by cutting a sponge into a teardrop shape.

cut sponge for seeds

Use this sponge to make watermelon seed shapes on the back of the plates. All the paint will be applied to the back of the plates, so that it never comes into contact with the food-side of the plate. Use a thin coat, and go one at a time. By the time you finish the 4th plate, the first one will already be starting to dry.

stamp on seeds

Use the paint sponge to add green glass paint to the rim of each paint. Move quickly. The sponge will make the plate look a frosted green color.

paint red into watermelon

Once you add the green to all four plates, the seeds will be dry on the first plate. Apply the red paint to the centers with the paint sponge. It will give a great uneven-ish look, like a nice juicy watermelon! YUM!

watermelon plates painted

Allow the plates to dry for 3 days, and then bake in the oven as directed to set the paint. Your watermelon plates will be dishwasher safe and ready for you to use all summer long! Make up a set of my watermelon coasters to go with them, if you like!

Watermelon week plates

… or you could try some of these other fun Watermelon Week projects!

Watermelon Canisters


  1. Love this project! I was excited to learn the details. Definitely on my to-do list! Thanks!


  2. These are SO cute, Carolina! I have to paint some now too. They’ll be perfect for eating on my ‘new’ deck 😀

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I was wondering if I should paint the outside or inside.

    • Carolina says

      You paint the underside of the plate – you don’t want the paint to come in contact with the food. These paints are rated for glass, but are not officially rated as “food safe”. Even if they were, over time with using the plates, silverware might cause the paint to chip… so always better to paint on the underside.

  4. Your watermelon plates are adorable! They will be a fun way to serve a dessert to your friends this summer.

  5. What a great idea! These would be so cute at a summer bbq!!

    Debbie @ One Little Project

  6. While I was reading, I was wondering if it was all dishwasher safe – and it was! Let us know how they wear over time. There are a hundred things you could do with that gloss. Very cool!

  7. Cool paint!! Love these!

  8. It’s cool! love this idea for this hot summer! 🙂


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