DIY Nunchucks Made from a Pool Noodle

Give a pre-teen boy anything… and he’ll manage to make a weapon out of it. I grew up with three brothers, so I have lots of experience in this. Any toy can become a gun, sword, or projectile. That doesn’t take any imagination. But what does take some creativity is making the weapons cute, and relatively harmless. These DIY NunchucksEasy Pool Noodle Nunchucks from Creative Capital B fit the bill on both counts. They look well made, and the foamy outside means that if your children insist on using them on eachother, your chances of needing to make a trip to the ER are significantly less than if you left the kids to their own devices. And, because these pool noodle nunchucks look so awesome, they’ll love playing with them!

You can use them in the pool, at the park, even in the house (as long as there are no breakables around). These DIY nunchucks are sure to make you the coolest mom/dad/auntie/cousin/sister/friend/other relative on the block!


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