Simple and Quick Bracelet

I love quick and easy jewelry. Love, love, love it. I’m not one who usually picks out my outfit the night before. I get up, shower, head to my closet, and hope that I’ve managed to do enough laundry so that I have enough coordinating clean clothes. Luckily, yoga pants go with everything.

BUT when I do want to dress a little nicer, it is nice to have coordinating jewelry. These simple little bangles are super easy and super quick to make. Even if you’re like me, and don’t pre-plan your outfits, you can have enough time in the morning to whip one up before you head out for the day. As long as the kids haven’t managed to dump out an entire box of cereal all over the table and floor, the clean-up of which takes up all of your jewelry crafting time (true story).

Moral of this story: Put away the cereal box and make cute jewelry… and every day will be so much better!

Simple Bracelet - Cute DIYs


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